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  5. "이 식당은 큽니다."

" 식당은 큽니다."

Translation:This restaurant is big.

September 10, 2017



Korean for "restaurant" sounds a little like the Chinese 食堂 shi-tang ("eatery“)


The word has most likely Chinese origin, as a lot of other Korean words.


Wouldnt "this is a big restaurant" be correct too?


As a translation it works, but direct translation would be 이것은 큰 식당이에요.


@Faith - subtle difference. This is a big restaurant" conveys the feeling that you are trying to find a big restaurant and having looked at a few, you say, This one is big (whereas others were not so). "This restaurant is big", seems to convey your focus on this restaurant (not others), and you are saying to yourself what's noticeable about it? Oh, it seems to be big. That's how I look at it.... others might have different views, and I'd be happy to hear them. :-)


I spelt restaraunt wrong and it marked me for it.


Me: *spells restruant wrongly
Duo: Wrong!

I'm sorry i thought were learning Korean


Maybe you should learn Korean through a language you already know. Learning two languages at the same time is very difficult.


The thing is that restaurant is just a difficult word to spell, even if you're a native English speaker ㅋㅋ


And no learning to languages isn't that hard at all, just learning a language through a language you don't know can be a little tricky lol


Why can't it be 식당이 for "this restaurant"?


You can understand it in this way: 1. If I ask you "Hey, tell me something about this restaurant" You would reply by saying "This restaurant is big" In this case, you are stating a general fact about this restaurant hence making it the topic of the sentence, so 은 will be used

  1. If I ask you "Which restaurant is big?" You would reply by saying " 'This' restaurant is big" In this case, you are putting emphasis on 'this' and talking about a specific restaurant hence making it the subject of the sentence, so 이 will be used.

Both of them are correct but it depends on the context. Since the option with 이 has not been given, 은 will be correct but 이 will not be considered wrong as well.

Hope you understood :)


this restaurant is big


I used large.. is there really a difference?


To denote that a certain room is large, Koreans use adjective "wide" (넓다)


What is the difference? Can 큽니다 be used to talk about big-ness of reputation? Does one refer more to how high the ceiling is? Otherwise, big and large mean the same thing to my English-speaking mind.


I've read in a textbook that "식당" can also be translated as "dining room". Is this wrong?


I think it is more in a sense that it is a place one go out to eat, not the "dining room" at home.


I thought restuarant was 음식점


Where did tbe readings for the grammer if each lesson go?


I wrote the correct answer but it is showing wrong !!?


Ambot na lang sa akon hula ah. Goshh. Nanosebleed na ako sa basic pa lang.

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