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Ich habe meine Mitbewohnerin darüber Bescheid gegeben..

Is that correct when you wanna say " I have already informed my roommate about that". And here i wanna use 'Bescheid geben' so if it's wrong, let me know how i can use this to convey this message. :)

September 10, 2017



Dativ female of "mein" is "meiner".

The sentence doesn't sound very natural but it is not downright wrong. It sounds stilted. Normally you wouldn't use "Bescheid geben" with an object like "darüber". "Bescheid geben" is more like notifying in general. Or poking in facebook.

"Ich habe meiner Mitbewohnerin (deswegen) bescheid gesagt", "Ich habe meine Mitbewohnerin (darüber) informiert", or colloquial "Ich hab's meiner Mitbewohnerin gesagt". Note that "darüber", "über das" or other demonstratives are normally not needed as it can be derived from context (in my last sentence the 's is a shortcut for es and replaces this).


There are two ways to say (maybe more): Ich habe meiner Mitbewohnerin Bescheid gegeben. OR Ich habe meine Mitbewohnerin darüber informiert.

  • jemanden darüber informieren
  • jemandem (davon) Bescheid geben / davon erzählen


idk, I started this last week

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