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Cannot find Czech course in mobile application.

Ahoj! I know that the Czech course is relatively new, but I am not sure whether the fact that I can't find it in my app is normal. I use Duolingo both via my cellphone and my computer, so I need to have it. Have you people found it? Any suggestions about what I can do?

PS: My application doesn't need an update, I am checking that everyday.

September 10, 2017



App does not support this course at the moment. For training on a mobile device for now you can use mobile website - it works.


however, mobie website does not play sounds =(


Did you try Chrome browser?


i mean mobile website on a mobile phone. I use safari on iPhone and there is no sound in a browser.


I use Safari on my iPhone too. I downloaded Google Chrome browser on my iPhone and I tried play sound in Duolingo in CZ course - you are right it has no sound.


Yes, that is an iOS issue.


Mine plays sound when connected to wifi for some reason


Yes, sure. The app is just more convenient. Thank you for replying though! :)


Mobile apps are never released for courses in Beta.


That's a shame, the best part of Duolingo is to be able to practice anywhere (I sometimes use it at work when I want to relax for a bit). It's true that the mobile website works, but it's not the same...

Anyway, thanks for the course, time to go back to doing exercises! :D


You can still use it on your phone through duolingo.com, just not on the app...


Well, yeah, but in my phone it is a lot slower... It's just not the same, the app works a lot better.


When a course is released as beta, initially it is only available via the webpage and it appears in the apps later. This was the case with all incubator-made courses. I don't remember how long it usually took Duolingo to add them.

The exceptions are Japanese and Korean, and I guess the next such exception will be Chinese if the rumours are true and the course is in the works.


It is not on mobile at the moment, just computers, i think


Thanks for replying. They will probably add it there as well, right?


It's been a while since Japanese has been released on iOS/Android and it's still not on the web. Shows when Czech on the app will come out...


It's now available on the iOS app, but not Android??? Doesn't seem to make sense to leave out such a massive market.....but then Duolingo doesn't make much sense at all anymore


is it available in the app yet now???


My friend literally has the Czech course on his mobile app but I can't find it and I really want to start learning Czech with Duolingo (however I'm hardly ever at a point where I can use a laptop to do it). Can you like go in and fix it and get the course or no?

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