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"Tamhleten muž je buď František nebo Matěj."

Translation:That man is either František or Matěj.

September 10, 2017



why tamhleten?? is ten also an option?


Yes, in the other direction though. Why tamhleten? Because we wanted a sentence with this word. The Czech sentence is the original point we always start with.


ok. Other direction would be either Frantisek or Matej is that man ? Bud Frantisek nebo Matej je ten muz ?


VladaFu is talking about cs→en vs. en→cs. In the direction en→cs “ten” is an alternative to “tamhleten.” But the creators of the course, going from cs to en, wanted an exercise with the word “tamhleten.”


i understand the need for tamhleten i just needed an example of what he meant with the other direction.


If you are curious about the difference: tamhleten muž is more like "that man over there". ten muž means simply "that man" but ten also stands for the def. article "the".

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