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  5. "Má sestru?"

" sestru?"

Translation:Does she have a sister?

September 10, 2017



Could it not also mean "Does he have a sister?"


Bur still it is mistake. Má sestru? it has , she has he has a sister. "Does he, she, it have a sister" all are correct.


Both he and she are accepted. We can argue whether any "it" can have a sister or not, but I would add it precisely to prevent sich arguing.


Which may be counter productive. I can see someone comming and complaining about the it he got in a translation he was offered... Such is life.


Děvče is still a girl, it must be "she".


How about a děvče? Or do you use "does she have...." then, too?
Or how about pets? Or do you use "does she... " (your cat) or "does he"... (your dog)?


Vladafu that is interestng, as a youth (1950's) I was taught to avoid using 'GOT' as it was poor English and today i would consider it used by the poorly educated. Despite this i spoke to my czech english teacher and she confirms the use of 'got'. That is the fun of English it is always evolving.


I would still say that 'Does she have a sister?' is better English than 'Has she got a sister?'


Zvláštní - "Má sestru" se dá přece přeložit i jako "Does he have a sister" - nebo ne? Měla by tudíž být správně i druhá možnost. Nebo se pletu?


He, she a it jsou zde uznavany zcela rovnocenne. Pokud to snad neuzna, je treba zmacknout "My answer should have been accepted.".


ano - díky moc, zkusím to příště


Sorry I may have missed something, but how do we know it is "she" and not "it" or "he"? And if it indeed could be ambiguous, how would a Czech distinguish between these options? thanks.


please read the discussion for most of what you are asking about.

czech can also use personal pronouns; they are not forbidden. On/Ona má sestru? (the neuter would be very awkward, and someone else can waste time on that.)


I have reread the previous discussion and I see that now. But we only had "she" to pick from.

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