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  5. "저는 친구의 차가 있습니다."

"저는 친구의 차가 있습니다."

Translation:I have a friend's tea.

September 10, 2017



I put "I have my friend's tea," got it wrong because it said the answer is "I have a friend's tea" instead.


Maybe I can clear it up: if it was "my friend's tea", I believe it would be "저는 저의 진구의 자가" because you would need to use 저의 to show ownership (of the friend being yours) when it's not the main subject of the sentence. That's why this sentence is specifically "a friend" and not "my friend".

Sorry if I'm wrong, but that's what I've picked up from learning.


You're right. Its very specific which is why the confusion's there.


I did "I have a friends car", a friends tea sounds weird lol


I have a friend's tea is the weirdest sentence... There's a reason i couldn't figure out how to put a sentence in order with what i was given.


Yeah, I knew what each word meant individually, but I'm confused in what it's trying to say. The translation doesn't help, lol.


Maybe there is a FRIEND'S TEA


Seriously??? "I have a friend's tea" Never in a million years would I have said it like this...


It's the same as saying "I have a friend's tea" in english, but the "have" part is at the end in korean.


Uhmm.. you know 차 also stands for car right?


It also means tea.


차 means tea and car ambiguously?


Car is 자동차 but can be shorten to 차


Terrible sentence which would not exist in real life!


With 차 as car it makes sense. With tea, not so much.


That's not the point they're trying to get across. The point is to practice how to string these words, that we're leaning, together. Grammar and such is the main focus

[deactivated user]

    and I put car... And what is I have a friend's tea?


    I don't get what y'all are talking about, "I have a friend's tea" is a perfectly plausible English sentence. I have tea, it belongs to a friend. I'm not specifying which friend. I'm not specifying if they're a friend of mine or a mutual friend of ours. Just a friend, nobody in particular aside from that they're friendly. And the tea certainly isn't mine.

    Granted, I'm east coast Canadian and maybe my dialect uses this sort of construction more frequently than other varieties of English. But this makes perfect sense to me.


    I agree. I have no problem with this sentence. I have actually said similar things


    Annyeonghaesyo Okay...... This sentence definitely doesn't make any sense. Were you trying to say, "I have tea with a friend". Once again today there were a few sentence that have not made sense. I know since we changed to the crown system it is suppose to be better, but some of the sentences are confusing. Please help to get a better understanding of the direction you're going in. I am slowly becoming disinterested in Duolingo.


    Yeah there have been a few odd balls as of late. Send reports on the ones that need correction. Nothing gets better without user feedback


    huh?? car makes more sense... i wrote car and was shocked to see tea. why would u have a friend's tea???


    Ya definitely one if the worst sentence ever.. So weird


    Guys, here we learned car as jadongcha and tea as cha, so obviously here we're talking about tea.


    I answered i have a friend's car and got it wrong ;((


    "I have a friend's car" was marked right for me, though "I have the friend's car" was wrong.


    I thought this sentence should be '' My friend has a car '' or something, but it's wrong.


    This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Is it closer to "I have my friend's tea."?

    Also, is there any way to tell this is tea and not car?


    This turn of phrase makes more sense as a conversation: "Who's tea is that?" "A friend's." The implication is that the speaker either doesn't want to or can't specify who actually owns the tea, but that they're close enough acquainted to at least watch a tea for them.

    As for the difference between car and tea… not that I've found. Unless you wanna say the whole word 자동차 for car. Usually context tells you the difference, but that's hard with just one sentence.


    Spill the tea girlfriend


    I friend tea have. I don't care how you arrange these words it is not a sentence that anybody would use. Too many of the sentences in this course just don't make sense. Like "there are no rooms in Korea." why do I need to learn that. If there are no rooms in Korea then there must be no people and therefore no Korean language. How stupid. I guess we will learn the language in the end but surely it would be better to learn commonly used phrases instead of this gibberish.

    OK I have had my weekly complaint. I will get back to the gibberish. No, Cats are not people. OMG.


    Like i didnt know that


    The whole idea of "don't think too deep, just learn the answers to the questions and move on. Eventually it will all make sense." Seems to be effective in the long run but if you are having a bad day it can be very very annoying.


    I feel the correct sentence is "I am in a friend's car".


    thats wat i wrote exactly as well... so shocked to see tea and having a tea but not drinking with a friend is too weird... the way i see this platform teaches is by just making stupid translations...


    this one is a little more complex than the rest, nice


    Why does the 의 sound like 에 here? Is this correct or is there a problem with the audio?


    You have a problem w/ audio-it sounded fine to me


    Shouldn't it be my friend has a car ?


    And I wrote "I am in my friend's car". Hah...


    Your app doesnt fit my screen properly so you made me hit the button that says I dont want to asnwer these type of questions on accident.


    So it is "I" = "저는" & "have a" = "있습니다" & "friend's tea" = "친구의 차가"??


    u know annyeonghaseyo? charot HAHHAHA


    Your answer make no sense.

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