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  5. "저는 이렇지 않아요."

"저는 이렇지 않아요."

Translation:I am not like this.

September 10, 2017



Are "저는" and "제가" interchangeable? If not, when should we use them?


The difference between the two is a distinction we dont have in Engljsh. (은)/는 is a topic marking particle. (이)/가 is a subject particle, so ~이/가 are used to simply identify the subject of the sentence. They do similar things because the topic of the sentence is similar to the subject, however topic marking particles (은/는) imply a contrast whereas the subject particle (이/가) does not. 은/는 imply something is different than others.


_subject marking 그 가방이 바싸이에요 (That bag is expensive)

_topic marking 그 가반은 싸이에요. (That bag, unlike the other, is cheap)

I sort of think of the topic marking particle as adding stress/emphasis. So if i said "this bad is cheap" without any stress then it just means the bag is cheap, but if I stress 'that' it can somewhat imply that other bags arent cheap. THAT bag is cheap. Or adding the words "as for". As for that bag, it's cheap.

Specifically, looking back at 저는 and 제가, think of 저는 as saying "as for me, I am..." and 제가 as just "I am".

Here is a great podcast and pdf that explain it!


Another thing to know is you dont always need the subject and topic particles. Some people wont use them so it's important to know the word without the particle. But better to use the paticle and not need it than have a confused listener!

Hope this helps!


Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing and clear explanation! I've been struggling with those until I read your comment :D


I believe it's 비싸요, because it is a verb (descriptive), not a noun.

이에요 / 예요 would connect with noun as it derives from 이다. The formal polite form is 입니다


Is "바싸이에요" a conjugated form of "비싸다". Or did you mean "비싸이에요".


I'm not like other girls


Q: 왜 아러니? A: 저는 이렇지 않아요


Can someone tell me the dictionary form of 이렇지??


이렇다 is the dictionary word.


Is 안 + verb the same as verb지 + 않아요?


(*지 not 시) but yes, these have essentially the same meaning.

https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit1/unit-1-lessons-1-8/unit-1-lesson-8/ This explains it well.


Thank you so much!!


Is this 이렇지 the same as 이렇게 ?


No. 이렇지 is used with 않다 to negate. And 이렇게 means like this


How can we say "I am like this."


It looks like 이렇다 is the same as 이래요. Is there a reason why 이렇지 않아요 isn't written as 이래지 않아요?


이렇다 is the dictionary form of 이래요, so you can't use it as a verb in a sentence.이래요 is just the conjucated form of 이렇다 using -에요. To use it negated in a sentence, you cut of the -다 of the dictionary form to get the word stem and add -지 않아요. At least that's how I as a beginner myself think is how it works.


Me looking at a Sasaeng

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