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! French help

I would just like to check about a phrase that I've never used before in French.

"the rest of" - "le reste de"

"the rest of my family live abroad" - "le reste de ma famille vive (or 'vivent'?) à l'étranger"

as well as..:

"je m'entends bien avec ma famille, bien que nous nous disputions" (subjunctive is correct here etc?)

Please let me know if it's right? Thanks :)

September 10, 2017



Le reste de ma famille vit à l'étranger.

Subjunctive is correct in the second sentence. It would be good to add at the end: 'de temps en temps', 'de temps à autre', 'parfois', etc.

PS: Otherwise it sounds like 'We get along, although we fight.' ;) Perhaps you did not quote your entire sentence here.


The wrath of the irregular verbs :p thank you very much And you're right I didn't quote the entire sentence - still, thanks!

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