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"Wearing pants is comfortable."

Translation:바지를 입는 것이 편해요.

September 10, 2017



Difference between 신는 and 입는?


Korean has multiple words for "wearing" things. 신다 is for wearing something on your feet. 입다 is the generic word form.


This just came up in a multiple choice; of the three options two of them were:

(1) 바지를 입는 것이 편해요 and (2) 바지를 입는 것이 편합니다.

I chose 바지를 입는 것이 편합니다 and it was marked wrong. Am I going mad? Aren't they both the same but with different conjugations? I tried to flag it but it doesn't let you on the multiple choice questions.


I used 것이 with the belt one - WRONG I used 것은 this time for the pants - STILL WRONG I don't know anymore sighs


according to the notes 것이 acts as 'ing'. wearing = 입눈 것이


Why do we need to add 것이?


안녕하세요! So, the thing with korean language is that they use "thing" a lot which is 것이(that) in English we don't say "i like resting thing" but in korean you'll say"나는 쉬는 것을 좋아합니다." Which translates to "the resting thing,i like it" . Get used yo use것이 and I'll be a habit eventually without sounding awkward.

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