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  5. "My cousin reads in her bed."

"My cousin reads in her bed."

Translation:Moje sestřenice si čte v posteli.

September 10, 2017



Why do we use si cte instead of only cte?


You can use both. číst is more general, číst si implies one reads it for their for pleasure and usually not aloud.


Just a general question. I don't see a tutorial for the locative case. It has been a bit confusing trying to reason it out. I finally went to Wikipedia for the grammer. Are they planning a tutorial for locative?


Yes, but now most of the work on new stuff is towards the new version of the tree.


HER is not explicit in the Czech translation. Are we to deduce it from the use of the reflexive SI?


"My cousin reads in bed" is also accepted.. I believe the use of si suggests that she is reading to herself, rather than, say, reading aloud to others.


"Můj bratranec si čte v posteli" is not accepted, only "sestřenice"


Darn English and its lack of genders! You are correct. BUT in this case, you would have to say "...v její posteli", since for some reason he is, apparently, in a bed that belongs to a female, so just saying "v posteli" is not going to cut it.


"V posteli" or "v sve posteli" ?


Both are accepted, but the latter is not that much natural. It would only be used if you wanted to stress it she is in HER bed.

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