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"The girl listens and believes him."

Translation:Fata ascultă și îl crede.

September 10, 2017



Why not "Fata îl asculta si crede pe el"?


because we are treating it like two separate sentences. We don't actually know who or what the girl is listening to.

the girl listens = Fata ascultă

and believes him = și îl crede = și îl crede pe el

if you were talking to a human they would understand what you meant. but computers are not as smart as humans yet.


Why not "Fata îl ascultă și crede"? I thought that if the girl both listens him and believes him, the pronoun should be before the two verbs.


Can anybody explain me why "și l crede"? I don't understand the L.


-l is the contracted form of îl (him).

Şi îl = Şi-l

Nu îl = Nu-l

You can only use the contracted form -l if the previous word ends in a vowel. And don't forget the hyphen.


So is it kinda like French: Je + aime = J'aime or Il + ne + est + pas = Il n'est pas?


My Romanian wife states that my answer "Fata asculta si ea il crede pe el" is perfectly valid Romanian. So why the heck is it not accepted as a correct answer?


because duolingo is a free app and not a human teacher :)

i wrote that too but i'll know for next time that we don't need the 'ea' just like we don't need a 'she' in english


Ok for " Fata îl ascultã si îl crede "


When do we use "îl asculte pe el" or just simply "asculta pe el"


you always use the 'îl'
the 'pe el' is optional unless you need it to distiguish that she is listening to him and not some other

the reason we don't need it here is because we are treating it like two separate sentences:

the girl listens = Fata ascultă (we don't know who or what she is listening to)

and believes him = și îl crede = și îl crede pe el

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