"Je jich mnoho!"

Translation:There are many of them!

September 10, 2017

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I know "mnoho" means "many", and "jich" means "of them".

But I can't understand "je" here. Does it mean "is"? But then, wouldn't the sentence mean "There is a lot of them."?

It could also mean "them" in the accusative, but that doesn't make sense either...

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Adverbs of quantity and numbers above four use tve verb in singular and the noun in the genitive case. Mnoho is the subject of this sentence.

Note that you use "there are a lot of" and not "there is a lot of".


This doesn't sound right! :D I'm comparing this sentence to Serbian "Mnogo ih je", which means "There's many of them" but Duo translated this as "There exist a lot of them!" What the... :D


Kad sam učila srpski primetila sam da mnoge rečenice na českom i srpskom imaju drugačiji raspored reči ali isti smisao.

Napr. Vi imate: On mi se svidja. I mi imamo: On se mi líbí. Ali oboje to na engleskom znači: "I like him."


Izvini što sad tek odgovaram, pukla mi je aplikacija na telefonu skroz a kompjuter je crk'o pa ne vidim notifikacije. :D I mene to i dalje buni i nikako ne mogu da se naviknem. Mislim da samo treba da prođe malo vremena i biće mi jasno. :D


The 'main' translation is 'There are many of them", that does not exclude "there exists a lot of them" from being an acceptable translation, though less common.


I wrote "jejich mnoho", because I heard it that way. It which was accepted even though it does not make sense. Is that because whitespace miatakes are ignored?


why not "there is a lot of them"?


Even more confusingly... At least in the US, it wouldn't be unusual to hear "There's a lot of 'em!" quite often in everyday speech. But it's not something that would -- or should -- be accepted here. :-)

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Confusingly, English requires the plural "are" even for "a lot of".


In Russian, jesť ich mnogo


What about "they are many!" I would although like to know, what czech would say regarding "they are hundred!" and "they are hundreds!" Thx


FWIW, regarding your suggested translation: To my AmE ear, "They are many" sounds strange. However, on the English side, "THERE are many" is fine, even without "of them" following it. But that may not be supported by the Czech sentence, which explicitly refers to many "of them." Someone else may answer your other question.


Depends on context. There are many of us, of you, of them. If we can say "we are many." for "There are many of us." it sounds strange that we should not use "they" the same way. Or "how many are you", "we are five (persons, people, men,...)."

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