"I speak about the apples of the tall woman before you."

Translation:Eu vorbesc despre merele femeii înalte dinaintea ta.

September 10, 2017

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What is the difference with "Eu vorbesc despre merele femeii înalte înainte de tine"? I mean, is there any difference between "dinaintea ta" and "înainte de tine"?

Because the second option it is not accepted and I took a look in some online translators and they translate them as the same, so I don't know in which cases I should prefer one over the other.


"dinaintea ta"/"dinainte de tine", "în fața ta", "înaintea ta"/"înainte de tine" are interchangeable in this context.


femeii is the singular genitive, so I wanted to use the adjective form înaltă -- but the correct answer requires an adjective form that assumes that we are modifying a plural noun, that is, înalte. Strange.


It is true that feminine adjectives at singular genitive has the same form as the feminine acusative plural. Ex: "Gardul casei albastre este nou." vs "Florile albastre sunt frumoase." or "Frunzele viei tinere sunt verzi." vs "Păsările tinere mănâncă mai des."


Înainte, înaintea, dinainte, dinaintea, ... I'm lost.


"Înainte de cineva" vs "Înaintea cuiva"
"Dinainte de cineva" vs "Dinaintea cuiva"


  • Eu plec înainte de tine. vs Eu plec înaintea ta.
  • Băiatul dinainte de ea este iubitul ei. vs Băiatul dinaintea ei este iubitul ei.

It depends how you want to construct your sentence. They are interchangeable, at least for me. (Romanian native speaker)


Is this "before you" as in "the woman is physically in front of you" or "I spoke about the apples earlier than you did"?


"Dinaintea" refers to physical relationship (not time relationship). "Inaintea" can refer to either.


Thank you — that helps a lot. What about "asupra" and "deasupra"?


Deasupra is typically used for concrete/physical things, whereas asupra is typically used for abstract things.


El vede banca dinaintea noastra. is it (dinaintea) refer to time relationship?


dinaintea ta , or , in fata ta, what is the difference please?


They are interchangeable although there is a subtle difference. "dinaintea ta" is mostly referring to location in time > before " în fața ta" is more for location in space > in front of

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