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[WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 36.

Note: Data retrieved on 2017/09/10 at 17:11 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): Czech from English (on webversion) and Korean from English (on Android and iOS versions).
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

To enlarge the image: Right-click on it then select "Open in a new tab".

(A) This week's value automatically generated from Duolingo's statistics.
(S) This week's value self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.

Note: If the image isn't displayed (because you can't access images on imgur.com), please click here to see the image.

II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "Klingon from English" (Phase 1)

By mizinamo on 2017/09/09 (full text here)

Status update, 9 September 2017

Our alpha testers have been busy already and have identified some mistakes and possible improveme...

Course "Yiddish from English" (Phase 1)

By mendl on 2017/09/08 (full text here)

Ceci n'est pas une update.

Esteemed e-learners!

I write with just the quickest of updates, seeing as it's been a spell si...

Course "Czech from English" (Phase 2)

By nueby on 2017/09/05 (full text here)

...and good things may come to us.

On the final day of our Phase 1, I would like to thank some people.

Duolingo, for opening thei...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Updates

See this index of WIUs.

IV. Extra information

Here some news around Chinese.

September 10, 2017



Thank you for your heartfelt message, Nueby. I know that I am one of the people that have been whiny, so I want to thank the contributors for putting up with me and people like myself, and for all their hard work, and for everyone's patience. The wait was thoroughly worth it.

Congrats to Korean also, and good job to Russian for Turkish speakers.


Odd--I remember you as encouraging. Could be the rosy colored spectacles of retrospection?


The lightheaded buzz of beta? :-) Or the goodnatured reading of potentially ambiguous messages on Duolingo as positive ones?


Thank you so much. It's great to hear this!


Thank you so much for the update! I'm excited for the Chinese!

Can't wait to hear from you again soon :)


Yes! I've waited so long for Chinese! :D


Me as well, I am already learning it elsewhere because I ran out of patience a couple days before the Forbes announcement was made


glad to see two huge exits finally coming to fruition.

let's see Chinese, Finnish, and Croatian be entries!


I'm excited about Chinese but I also heard Arabic was going to be in the incubator this year. Any updates on that?


Oh my gosh, I hope that's true!


Arabic in incubator? Oh my Goooooooooddddddd


''Leading language course app developer Duolingo said today it has launched a Korean course for English learners, to be followed by much-anticipated Mandarin Chinese by year-end.''



The question is what does this mean? Will Chinese enter the incubator or being released in the end of the year?


Enter the incubator. There's absolutely no way it will be released by the end of the year.

They are currently working on it, but not in the incubator.


Unless it goes at the speed Japanese did.


Just so you know (or anyone else reading this that may not be aware), Japanese had been worked on outside of the incubator for quite some time before it entered it. If I remember correctly, Japanese for English speakers was about 2 years in the making before finally entering the incubator but that number could easily be wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case with Chinese as well.


They said that half of the Duolingo staff had been working only on that course for six months before it came out, but as far as I know we don't know when someone first started on it. It's been years since they showed one of the English for Japanese contributors visiting Duolingo and doing a presentation on teaching Japanese for the staff...

I'd put my money on Chinese already being well on its way behind the scenes. Which still wouldn't of course translate into it being available by the end of the year, but maybe that that's their aim.


@IsakNygren1 and @annika_a Oh yeah, I'd be really surprised if it actually came out this year too. I just see a lot of people around here mention the speed of Japanese's release and it usually seems like they aren't aware that it was also worked on outside of the incubator.

And thank you annika_a for correcting the time period! Japanese has been so heavily requested over the years it feels like it's been in the works since the incubator's inception.


I would be very surprised if Chinese is being released this year but it's not impossible.


Perhaps. But I HIGHLY doubt it.


Chinese is now in the incubator (yay!), and the estimated release date is before the end of the year. Hopefully it will be released then...


Thank you for this update!


What happened with Haitian Creole?!?! It was supposed to be released 31/08/17 and there aren't new updates of the course.


It was supposed to be released 31/08/17

I never saw any official (by staff) announcement about a "for sure" release date.
The only thing that has been done, AFAIK, is that the team of volunteers defined an ESTIMATED date of release, not at all a "supposed to be released on" date.

What happened with Haitian Creole?!?!

Nothing special: the team has apparently just been over optimistic when defining their estimated date of release.


It seems like Haitian creole is seldom updated with progress. I apologize in advance for asking this but I wonder how often Haitian creole is worked on. Also, how often do you get notifications on course progress?


Haitian is not "self-reporting". Their progress is shown as the WIU-calculated percentage. Every week, the WIU script harvests the following data for this course from the Incubator: the total number of words in the course and the number of words that have been completed (by having at least three sentences associated with each). The percentage is obtained by division: completed/total.

We can only speculate on the work being done, as there have been no updates from the team for four months. Compare the charts across WIU editions. The work consistent with a stagnant percentage could be Tips & Notes being writen, planning/development outside the Incubator, completion of no more than two sentences per word, and completion of three or more sentences per word coordinated with empty word addition to maintain the completion ratio. The word counts appear to be non-public, Incubator-only info, so we are not sharing it directly. The last published team update stated that the intended empty words had all been added, suggesting that the demominator of the percentage calculation has remained fixed. If the percentage is also constant, so is the apparent completed word count.


Ok, thanks for the information!


Can someone enlighten me on jrikhal's last sentence? It seems unusual to remove the verb in such a sentence, and I also find that there's also no verb in the French version of the post. Is it natural in spoken English? French? Mistake?

(And double-thanks jrikhal!)


Is it natural in spoken English?

I'm interested in the answer too but about "written announcement in English" / "shortened texts" (not spoken nor standard written English).


For a concise announcement, my French ears are fine with it.
It's of course and obviously a shorten wording of "Vous trouverez ici (en anglais) des nouvelles concernant le chinois." ("You'll find here some news around Chinese.").
I try to keep the WIU short and concise.


I can't say for English. ;)


Few of us are too versed in headlinese, but I think it would have been more natural with the "here" at the end if one has chosen to omit the verb for concision. But, "information" is uncountable ;)


Thx for the answer, piguy3!


Well, piguy3's argument seems reasonable. Thank you both!


Looks like a typo to me (I can't speak for the French version).


The fact that there's no verb in both posts had me curious, I thought maybe he first wrote the French version then quickly translated it. (And thank you!)


Actually I first wrote the English one. ;)


:D And one could still argue that French had an impact.


It's great to see an update from the Yiddish team! And wow: Russian from Turkish really made some progress this week!


Thank you so much. This motivated me!


Jrikhal, how do you increase the font size?


By putting the pound symbol in front of the text you want to be made bigger.









And as you can see, the single-# version no longer increases font size -- it inserts literal (visible) "h1" tags rather than creating a level-1 heading.


Thank you Mete Ülkü bro. I want Russian from turkish!


I want Azerbaijani turkish on Duolingo [But doesn't have English for Azerbaijani:(]


French from turkish bankruptted:)

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