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  5. "Chceme jet někam jinam."

"Chceme jet někam jinam."

Translation:We want to go somewhere else.

September 10, 2017



Is there any difference between jet and jít?


jet is go by some means of transportation (i.e. ride, drive), jít on foot (walk, march).


Why "We want to drive somewhere else" is wrong? It suggests "We want to ride somewhere else" as the correct answer. I thought the difference between drive and ride is connected with mean of transport eg car vs. bicycle.


Drive in czech is řídit. And it means be at the steering wheel.


In the "někam" necessary here?


Not necessarily. I'd say it's used for greater emphasis.

If we are talking about translation, then I would translate někam jinam as 'somewhere else', while jinam as 'elsewhere.' There's not much of a difference though.


Why isn't "travel" accepted instead of "go." "Go" is ambiguous - but travel is always by some mode of transportation.


Travel has its own word in czech - cestovat. Verbs travel and go don't have the same meaning.

You can go (by car for example) to your friend who lives in the next street.

But when you travel the distance is much longer than the next street and mostly you also plan your traveling weeks or even months before the journey.


Někam seems redundant to me in this sentence. Can someone clarify? Jinam already carries the full meaning of 'somewhere else' unless there's something subtle I'm missing.


This is ridiculous, I wrote we want to drive somewhere else and it showed me as wrong because it's supposed to be RIDE instead of drive. Both is perfectly fine


'to drive' = řídit

I know, it's so ridiculous that different languages have different ways of expressing different concepts.

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