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  5. "우리는 한국어를 사랑해요!"

"우리는 한국어를 사랑해요!"

Translation:We love Korean!

September 10, 2017



I don't think this is exactly correct... I mean, yes, the sentence structure and grammar of it are but I'm talking in regards to the meaning behind the sentence. From what I have learned, the verb 사랑하다 strictly refers to love/feelings towards a person. You are not supposed to use it when referring to objects or in this case, languages, because you are stating that you romantically or platonically have feelings for it. So... in this sentence, you would kind of be stating you have romantic feelings towards the Korean language. Which is, very odd. English uses the word love very loosely. And yes, love does not always have to be in a romantic sense, it can be towards a friend or family member in Korean too. But those are still people.

I only make this point because when I first started learning Korean I used to write things such as 저는 커피를 사랑해요! when randomly practicing or just senselessly scribbling on a paper during class time, but then when I went to Korea for the first time and spent a lot of time with my language exchange partner. He thought it was hilarious (and weird) when he saw me write this kind of sentence, but then immediately went on to explain what I had mentioned in the paragraph above.

Now, I'm not saying I'm correct and that this is wrong. I'm only speaking from my personal experiences. Learning from what I have gone through, I would never write a sentence such as this one. (You could, you totally could... you just might look odd and not very colloquial). Instead, you can use the following sentence that gives just as similar of a meaning and will not be regarded as odd:

우리는 한국어를 (아주 / 너무나 / 진짜 / 정말) 좋아해요!


But what if I romantically love the Korean language as well?



「2」어떤 사물이나 대상을 아끼고 소중히 여기거나 즐기다. ¶ 음악을 사랑하는 사람들의 모임

「2」To cherish or enjoy a thing or an object ¶ A club of music lovers

It is perfectly okay and common to say 사랑하다 with an object or concept.


Thank you for explaining! (^o^)


Yes we are all Koreaboos


Tbh it was the first Korean word i learnt Bangtan saranghaeyo<sub>~</sub>


I learned Jungkook's aegyo self-intro first XD


안녕하세요! 저는 방탄소년단의 황금 막내 전 정극 입니다!


Yes, yes, we do.


We love Korean? Korean or Korea or Hangul?


The Korean language. Korea is 한국 and Hangul (Hangeul) is 한글.


Hangeul 한글 is the Korean alphabet. 한국어 is the Korean language (formed from 한국 'Korea' and 언어 'language').


This sounds koreaboo-y (I joke about being a koreaboo XD no hate to the actual koreaboos out there!)


I like how other apps tell you why that goes there and explain sentence structure while duolingo just tells you it's correct. It's annoying sometimes how they don't put much effort into it but yea WE ALL LOVE KREAN!! OTHERWISE WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BE HERE LOL


This should be changed to 우리는 한국어를 좋어해요! You can only "love" (사랑하다) another person/animal etc, but you can "like" (좋아하다) an object or concept such as a language.



「2」어떤 사물이나 대상을 아끼고 소중히 여기거나 즐기다. ¶ 음악을 사랑하는 사람들의 모임

「2」To cherish or enjoy a thing or an object ¶ A club of music lovers

It is perfectly okay to say 사랑하다 with an object or concept.


I here this word 사랑해 from BTS and Blackpink... Lol...


Sorry for the wrong Grumman..... :(


And that's why we all are here. A beautiful language indeed. ♥️


You and me both, sister


네... We purple 한국어를!


We love Korean is incorrect English. We love Korea is the correct form

[deactivated user]

    The sentence is about the language not the country. 한국 = Korea 한국어 = Korean (language)


    Yeah we love Korean that's why we are learning it. Now aren't we ?


    Yes we love Korean + Korea


    Just asking this... when to use "는 and 를"? Im slightly confused lol


    '는' is for a subject and '를' is for an object I think


    Thats why we're here isnt it?


    전는 BTS를 사랑해요


    한국어랑 영어 조오치

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