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A quick session on the categories of duolingo

People in duolingo are of 4 types :

1) Some people only practice their language and never enter the discussion forums because they might feel distracted or other reasons.

2) Some people only be in the forums and never practice. Maybe they practice only once a month or even a year!

3) Some people practice as well as interact with the forums too.

4) Some people take a break and then restart again.

Now, which category are you??

September 10, 2017



I'm 3 and 4 because I'm active on the forums but practice a lot. I take a break from Duolingo over summer break so I make sure I'm not learning too fast and I know what I need to work on once I start again.


I used to be 1, but then I became mostly 3 after leaving this site for awhile.

The main reason was that when I started Duolingo in 2014, I took no notice to the discussion tab. After returning from a hiatus, I asked a French related question, as it was something about word context that kept bothering me, and I realized that the community was helpful, kind, and loving.

So, I interact on the forums more because of that wonderful experience. ^ ^


I'm category 1. Absolutely.


If it were true that you never enter the forums, then you wouldn't have seen this. I'll conclude that you don't check the forums all that often.


Well, of course, look at that minuscule streak ;D good job sticking with it friend

[deactivated user]


    When I started, I was a 1. Then I was a 4. Now I'm a 3. Let's hope I'm never a 2.


    I'm guessing most people replying are a three. Honestly, I think most users in general are a 1.


    I've seen some people around that fit category 2, but you're probably right, I doubt they'd comment here and admit it. ;)


    I'm mostly a 3, but I have phases when I'm a mixture of 1 and 4, in that I'm too busy and just do what's necessary and ignore the discussions. I also was a 4 at the beginning of the year (I lost my streak and with it a bit of motivation and there were enough other things going on in my life). Before that I was the same 3 with bits of 1 and 4 category mix I am now.

    I don't think I'll ever become a 2. If I'm here I might as well study and reach at least my daily goal if not more.


    You say people are of three types and then you list four types?????


    can you be type 4 without being at least one of the other types as well?


    That's a typo...sry for the error! And thanks!


    I'm category 3 as I spend a little time in the forums almost every day, and I practice every day.

    It's a good question! There might not be many from category 1 who see it, so the results may be a bit skewed.


    3 and 4. Sometimes I practice everyday on Duolingo for long periods of time. Other times, I take a break from Duolingo but continue to pursue learning languages in other ways. I probably spend more time on the forums than I should, but it's not my main focus.


    I'm a 1 and becoming a 3


    I joined Duolingo in August of 2015 for a class at school, I went on Hiatus (I didn't use it hardly ever) until May of 2016, since then I only don't practice for a couple days at a time


    I am of type 5: I never take a break!! ;-)

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