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"It is 5:45."


September 10, 2017



FYI: Lots of people are incorrectly answering 五時四十五です (missing 分 - the counter for "minutes"). It actually is necessary and you cannot omit it.


I put 五時四五分 ですand was ok'd for it. Can anyone explain why it was ok to leave out 十 and why it should be there?


Im not a japanese, but japanese doesnt seems to be very different from chinese. In chinese, we usually write 四十五分 for forty five minutes, but 四五分 is also correct because it meant 45 minutes too. The 四十五分 is kinda formal in daily conversation (in chinese), and we in a conversation we would use 四五分, where the 十 is left out to make it more casual.


I am Japanese and agree with Ryuko04. Old Chinese and Japanese didn't accept decimal number system. But they now accept it for convenience. The biggest issue for that is how to express zero. At least in Japanese, for example, 104 百四(traditional) or 一〇四(casual and decimal).


Might be because it is still unambiguous?

I'm just guessing, but if you think about it, we do this in English as well. We write 45, which is a sequence of 4 and 5, but you read it as "forty five" and not "four five". It might be the same in Japanese.

Just a thought...


Would something like "5時45分です" be acceptable?


Probably not for this lesson, since I'm pretty sure they want you to get used to kanji, but in general I think you would be understood if you wrote it that way.


Duolingo is adding more Kanji to be accepted for this course. When Version 2 of the skill tree is released, you'll find better accommodation for Kanji. In the mean time you should still be able to use Kanji and have Duo accept it, otherwise reporting answers that should be accepted.


Why is "fun" in there?


分/ふん/hun or fun is minute.

There is '時/じ' for 'hour'.

There is '分/ふん' for 'minute'.


Ty! I was wondering about that


五時 (ごじ) is 5 hours (like 5 o'clock) and : 四十五分 (よんじゅうごふん) is 45 minutes. The じ here used like o'clock and the ふん is used as minutes. In japanese you read time something like that "it is 5 o'clock 45 minutes".


Cuz 5:45 is fun time?


Japanese uses counters with numbers for pretty much everything. The counter for "minute(s)" happens to be "fun", just as the counter for "hour(s)" is "ji".


If 十=10, 四=4, and 五=5, then why does that then equal 45 and not 19?


It's not additive. It means "Four tens and five" -> "forty five".


can i write 五十四 or 十四五 but not 四十五? I'm still confused about the placement


十 10
四十 40 (4 tens)
五十 50 (5 tens)
十五 15 (ten + 5)
十四 14 (ten + 4)

五十四 is 54 (5 tens + 4)
四十五 is 45 (4 tens + 5)


They didn't even teach me :45 before asking this in the advancement test! How rude.

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