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  5. "Good morning, I am Kateřina!"

"Good morning, I am Kateřina!"

Translation:Dobré ráno, já jsem Kateřina!

September 10, 2017



Is Dobré spelled with an e at the end because rano is neuter?


Why is it wrong to say "Kateřina jsem"?


It does not make sense. It mans: "I AM (indeed) Kateřina." (you remember my name correctly). It is possible on its own, but does not make sense with a greeting.

If you are just introducing your name, it is : "Jsem Kateřina." or "Já jsem Kateřina."

If you want to say that it is YOU who is named Kateřina here, you use: "Kateřina jsem já."

[deactivated user]

    This thing is weird to put a bear saying that it is a woman...

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