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  5. "Žofie teď spí."

"Žofie teď spí."

Translation:Žofie is sleeping now.

September 10, 2017



"Žofie sleeps now" sounds fine to me (native British English speaker)


What does it make you picture?


The vision I get is something like, "He sleeps now, my lord, lest he be unready to defend thy honor upon the field of battle when comes the enemy horde." (But I am native AmE, which may make all the difference.)


Ha! Some of my battles with insomniac children also bring this to mind. I'm not going to push this. I think "Žofie sleeps now" is correct in that it is "not wrong", but I'm happy to go along with with whatever mods think is an unacceptable level of archaism.


We are tempted to print this comment for framing as a rare find. Thank you!


Mine as a native BrE is the same. It sounds Shakespearean to me.


One image that comes to mind is of something anticipated, or finally achieved after a struggle. Perhaps Žofie is a restless baby, and once she finally settles one parent reports to the other, "Žofie sleeps now". It is a subtle difference, and no doubt "Žofie is sleeping now" is the more useful construction. Nevertheless, I believe "Žofie sleeps now" is correct and the nuance it brings might lead me to use it rather than the more common construction in certain situations.


Zofie sleeps now should be correct I think. Did read the article below where this is explained, where they explicitly mention both are correct, even though they prefer 'is sleeping'.


I am native AmE, and "Žofie sleeps now" sounds odd at best. If a non-native English speaker used it, the meaning would be understood, but it is unnatural. I would not recommend adding it at this point.


My conclusion is the exact opposite but I will let native English contributors decide.


Why Žofie sleeps now doesn't go ?

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