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"Elles voudraient parler en français."

Translation:They would like to speak in French.

September 10, 2017



is there a difference in pronunciation between "elle voudrait" and "elles voudraient"? I was marked wrong for the singular but when I listened a second time I still could not tell why it was plural.


You should know now that "elle" and "elles" sound alike and that -ai(t) and -ai(ent) sound the same.

"Elle voudrait" and "elles voudraient" are therefore homophones but the system does not recognize valid homophones because it compares your submission with the original, written sentence. We just have to wait for the developers to find an efficient solution to this issue.


It seems they've finally fixed this because I had the singular accepted! :)


It appears to count it as a typo, so it will still tell you the meaning is 'They would like to speak in French' if you use the singular form.


Me too. @ 15 July 2020


I used the singular and it was marked wrong (9/16/20)


Have got the same result with "elle - singular". Pity!


Je voudrais parler en anglais.Mon français est mauvais.

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