"What eats mice?"

Translation:Co žere myši?

September 10, 2017

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Co žere Gilberta Grapea? Co žere myši? Pastička na myši! (a trap for mouse!)


I use Co žerou myši its said it should be žere and whem I use žere it said it should be žerou ;) I cant finish it.


Co žerou myši? - What do mice eat? (mice are eating)

Co žere myši? - What eats mice? (mice are eaten)


Please correct sentence is Kdo žere myši


What = co

Who = kdo


Is it totally incorrect if I say Co jedí mysi? (Sorry, I don't have the CS keyboard here at work)

P.S. The question in English looks weird. I would rather write What do mice eat?


Or: "KDO žere (jí maybe požírá, pojídá = eating??) myši?" Cats!


The question is not asking what do mice eat but what is it that is eating the mice themselves. The mice are the meal...

Co jedi mysi... would be a correct translation of what do mice eat.. cheese.

But Co zere (ji) mysi is the opposite. Notice the singular form of the verb.


"Co myši žere" - why is this word order incorrect?


That is not very natural. It can be used when you are surprised that what you suggested does not in fact eat mice so you are asking what does eat them instead. But then wou would expect some more words like "tedy" to make it "What does eat mice then?"

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