"New York, Washington"

Translation:뉴욕, 워싱턴

September 10, 2017

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Why did the si become shi?


I guess whenever "s" or ㅅ is next to "i" ㅣ, it makes a "shi" sound. Like how 시간 is pronounced "shigan" even though it's sigan (cause it's an asian thing)

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    Yes, Thanks for the help :)


    ㅅ becomes a SH sound before the following vowels: ㅣ , ㅑ ,ㅕ ,ㅠ ,ㅛ ,ㅒ, ㅖ If a ㅅ proceeds onw of these vowels (if that vowel contains a Y) the Y will be dropped. For example, 샤 (sya) will be pronounced as SHA rather than SYA or SHYA


    I've learned that when ㅅ(s) is followed by a vowel (exmpl. 시, 사) the pronunciation becomes shi, sha, etc.


    Actually I'm Korean and " s " is just pronounced like that with I with it


    I always struggle with round of questions. Do you put a ㅋ or a ㄱ at the end of New York. Or is it 턴 or 톤 at the end of Washington. Duolingo doesn't seem to really mind either. It just tells me I have a type. But I do wonder if I made these mistakes in real life, would it matter? I mean I guess it doesn't when I speak them because it's going to sound pretty much the same.


    Oh no I mistake


    Am I not supposed to space the characters?? It says I got it wrong but I swear i've checked it like 500 times... I dont understand how it's wrong?

    English Hangul Romanization IME Typing
    New York 뉴욕 nyu yok sb dyr
    Washington 워싱턴 Wo sing teon dnj tld xjs

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