"Toto nechceme."

Translation:We do not want this.

September 10, 2017

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I wrote 'we do not want these' which is not accepted but the hint indicates that toto means this or these. Please can this be explained.


The hint works like a dictionary. Should we insist that every dictionary meaning must be applicable in every single sentence, regardless what else is in it? I would hope not.

Words like TO, TOTO, and TAMTO are only plural when the rest of the sentence makes it clear that they refer to plural things or beings:

  • Toto je moje nové auto. (This is my new car.)
  • Toto jsou moje děti. (These are my children.)

If we just have

  • Toto nechceme.

there is nothing to indicate a plural reference, so it needs to be understood as singular.


Toto can be plural in "Toto jsou dobří lidé.". But not here. For these you would use the plural tyhle or tahle here.

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