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The daily goal monitor stop adding my XPs !!

Today,I reset my daily goal from 10 XP into 1 XP. Actually I performed about 30 XPs within two continous hours,but my monitor is still 0/1 xp ??????

September 11, 2017



I wonder how this will work out?


On my statistical drawing,I have 70 XP on monday ( today),so how did he report me as: 0/1 XP ? I am afraid that my streaks be lost due to that system error.


Your streak seems to be alive, but just in case you do not already have one in place, you should purchase a streak freeze.

I think you can also go back to 10 XP per day. Unless you are doing a timed practice and you get more than half of the answers wrong, you cannot score less than 10 XP, I believe, so it is useless to set it to 1 XP.


I did so ( 10 XP in place of 1 XP).I am not using a timed practice.The record is still 0/10 with only one hour remaining !


It may only be applied tomorrow. You can also try to refresh the page or check in another browser or device.

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