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  5. "What do you like better?"

"What do you like better?"

Translation:Co máš raději?

September 11, 2017



Help with the different endings! Where does "radeji" (can't get the right accent on the e here) get its ending? Or how come "máte rád víc" has a new word required at the end?


"Raději" is a comparative form.

Positive good = rád

Comparative better = raději

Superlative best = nejraději


I was taught to avoid Rad mit and opt for libi se ti/vam in many cases so I said - Co se ti líbí lépši. Why is this wrong?


With "líbí se ti" you have to use "víc" instead of "lepší".

So it should be "Co se ti líbí víc?", literally "What do you like more?"


Why doesn't "Co raději máš" work?


Can't say any specific rules, but do not try to invent unusual word orders unless you have specific reason for that. We often accept many, really a lot, of forms and word orders, but more often then not, most of them change the meaning somewhat by strongly emphasizing a specific word.

So do not invent word orders without any reasons, it is much better to stay with the basic SVO order. That it is not so simple with adverbs, I agree. Still, just use the same simple order English uses as well for this sentence unless the Czech adverb needs some other placement.


What is "SVO order"?


I used Jaky vice Co. It was marked incorrect.

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