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A longer freeze streak

How about a longer freeze streak?, like a 7 day long one for occasions when a user has no internet connection for a few days (like small trip/vacation, power outage), and want to keep their hard earned streaks. Maybe make it really expensive, like a couple hundred or even a thousand lingots. Your thoughts?

September 11, 2017



I thought about this exact same thing the other day because of an upcoming 2 week trip and I'll be in and out of data/ wifi availability. It sure would be helpful if they had this type of option available.


There is no something to keep the streak inactivity for 6 days, everything is lost. You have to enter every day to the store to buy a new streak freeze.


Which is why I would like the option to buy a longer streak freeze. I wouldn't be able to buy a new streak freeze everyday if I was temporarily dis-connected from the internet for more than a few days.


I'd prefer for the streak freeze to be removed so that the streak would actually be a streak, not just a random number.


Then it's not a streak. A longer freeze devalues what already has very little value for those of us with longer streaks who haven't taken off for a week or longer. I'd expect to lose my streak if I went on vacation, and frankly, I wouldn't be too upset about it.


No. I highly disagree. Because since you aren't doing any work on duolingo, you shouldn't buy the streak freeze because your streak is already broken. The one day streak and the weekend amulet are bad enough: There should not be a 7 day streak freeze. The streak is used as a motivator, and you can't say that you have a 100 day streak if on day 48 you used a streak freeze: In that case you only have a 52 day streak. If the week streak freeze existed, I'm afraid it would be used all the time, instead of people actually learning anything, especially as Lingots are very easy to obtain. I understand why you would want this, but the one day streak freeze is bad enough. Duolingo does not want people to binge learn, so I very highly doubt this idea will come into action. Like hanspersson said, the streak freeze just makes your streak a random number. A week-long streak freeze would make the number even more random.


If the longer freeze streak costs a couple hundred or a thousand lingots, I doubt people would be able to use it "all the time".


Perhaps, but that still makes your streak a random number.

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