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100XP A Day With Bunny Challenge (Sept)

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Back by popular request, it's the 100XP a Day With Bunny Challenge! (September edition!)

back by popular request

For all of you newcomers, welcome to the challenge! I hope you will find this motivating for your studies over the next 7 days. :)

For y'all who have already participated, you know the drill: Starting today (or if it's too late today, you can start tomorrow), put in your best effort to earn 100XP a day (or however many you would like to set as your goal), each day, for a week.

The suggested rule: Please do not use placement tests or test-outs to accumulate XP for this challenge.

To join, just leave a comment today with your week's chart and update it daily as shown below, with whatever day you've started as the day listed first:. For me, that's going to be Sunday.

Week 2 (My Goal: Reach level 12!)

Sunday 日曜日: 70XP ✔️
Monday 月曜日: 80XP ✔️ (433 XP to next level)
Tuesday 火曜日: 50XP ✔️ (383 XP to go.)
Wednesday 水曜日: 70XP ✔️ (303 XP XP to go)
Thursday 木曜日: 40XP ✔️ (263 XP to go)
Friday 金曜日: 80XP ✔️ (173 XP to go)
Saturday 土曜日: 90XP ✔️ (83 XP XP to go. So close! :D)

Week 1

Sunday 日曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+20) Lvl 11 reached!
Monday 月曜日: 50XP ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: 50XP ✔️
Wednesday 水曜日: 50XP ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: 50XP ✔️
Friday 金曜日: 50XP ✔️
Saturday 土曜日: 50XP ✔️ SUCCESS!!!

Last month, I bit off quite a bit more than I could chew when my 5 day Yosemite backpacking trip began 2 days ahead of schedule. I got really close to my goal though. This week, I'm going to try 50XP a day again. It might still be a stretch for me right now, but, a little stretching is supposed to be good for a bunny. And, I really want to make it to level 11. So, here goes!

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