100XP A Day With Bunny Challenge (Sept)

Back by popular request, it's the 100XP a Day With Bunny Challenge! (September edition!)

back by popular request

For all of you newcomers, welcome to the challenge! I hope you will find this motivating for your studies over the next 7 days. :)

For y'all who have already participated, you know the drill: Starting today (or if it's too late today, you can start tomorrow), put in your best effort to earn 100XP a day (or however many you would like to set as your goal), each day, for a week.

The suggested rule: Please do not use placement tests or test-outs to accumulate XP for this challenge.

To join, just leave a comment today with your week's chart and update it daily as shown below, with whatever day you've started as the day listed first:. For me, that's going to be Sunday.

Week 2 (My Goal: Reach level 12!)

Sunday 日曜日: 70XP ✔️
Monday 月曜日: 80XP ✔️ (433 XP to next level)
Tuesday 火曜日: 50XP ✔️ (383 XP to go.)
Wednesday 水曜日: 70XP ✔️ (303 XP XP to go)
Thursday 木曜日: 40XP ✔️ (263 XP to go)
Friday 金曜日: 80XP ✔️ (173 XP to go)
Saturday 土曜日: 90XP ✔️ (83 XP XP to go. So close! :D)

Week 1

Sunday 日曜日: 50XP ✔️ (+20) Lvl 11 reached!
Monday 月曜日: 50XP ✔️
Tuesday 火曜日: 50XP ✔️
Wednesday 水曜日: 50XP ✔️
Thursday 木曜日: 50XP ✔️
Friday 金曜日: 50XP ✔️
Saturday 土曜日: 50XP ✔️ SUCCESS!!!

Last month, I bit off quite a bit more than I could chew when my 5 day Yosemite backpacking trip began 2 days ahead of schedule. I got really close to my goal though. This week, I'm going to try 50XP a day again. It might still be a stretch for me right now, but, a little stretching is supposed to be good for a bunny. And, I really want to make it to level 11. So, here goes!

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September 11, 2017


Today is Sunday, so it ends next Sunday for me.

Goals: Entirely re-gild French and Italian tree, re-gild German if any (currently none), finish Spanish tree, finish Korean tree.

(Note: the goals below are only a carefully outlined plan of this week's progress. It is not definitely what I am going to do.)

Sunday 礼拜日: 210/200 XP (doing re-gild French & Italian)

Monday 礼拜一: 270/200 XP (doing re-gild French & Italian)

Tuesday 礼拜二: 200/200 XP (doing re-gild French & Italian)

Wednesday 礼拜三: 290/200 XP (finishing Spanish/re-gilding German)

Thursday 礼拜四: 300/200 XP (finishing Spanish/re-gilding German)

Friday 礼拜五: 100/200 XP (finishing Spanish)

Saturday 礼拜六: TBA/200 XP (doing Korean)

September 11, 2017

I've got a 310 XP distance separating me from the Korean owl, so I'm in. I'll take 40-50 XP steps per day to reach the owl by the end of this challenge.

(To my embarrassment, I’ll copy and paste weekdays’ names in Hangul, because I’m not doing any writing practice at the moment)

Monday 월요일: 40 XP (+10 XP done before the challenge).

Tuesday 화요일: 50 XP

Wednesday 수요일: 40 XP (four more skills to go)

Thursday 목요일: 50 XP (three skills to go)

Friday 금요일: 40 XP (two skills to go)

Saturday 토요일: 50 XP (one skill to go)

Sunday 일요일: 40 XP

and DONE! I got the Korean owl


The second week will be Japanese, and I'll keep the same relaxed 50 XP per day, and use it to re-gild my tree.

Monday (月曜日): 50 XP

Tuesday(火曜日): 50 XP

Wednesday(水曜日): 50 XP

Thursday(木曜日): 50 XP

Friday(金曜日): 50 XP

Saturday(土曜日): 50 XP

Sunday(日曜日): 50 XP


September 11, 2017

This sounds like fun! I'll start today.

Goals: 150-300 XP of Welsh, each day.

Sunday : 300 XP

Monday : 150 XP

Tuesday : 150 XP

Wednesday : 150 XP

Thursday : 150 XP

Friday : 200 XP

Saturday : 300+ XP

Sunday : 300 XP

September 11, 2017

Those are pretty lofty. Good luck!

September 11, 2017

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

September 11, 2017

Well, I may not make it through the week but I can't resist trying.

So in Greek:

Δευτέρα (Second day) Monday 429

Τρίτη (Third day) Tuesday 200 +

Τετάρτη (Fourth day) Wednesday 200+

Πέμπτη (Fifth day) Thursday 200+

Παρασκευή ("Preparation") Friday 200+

Σάββατο ("Sabbath") Saturday 311

Κυριακή (Lord's day) Sunday 109 at 6.52am. The day is young.

I'm currently learning French but thought we needed the names of the week in Greek.

September 11, 2017

It ends Monday for me (I'm in Irma's path so I might loose power and not be able to finish)

Jumatatu: 150/100

Jumanne: 100/100

Jumatano: 50/100 (I was sick 0_0)

Alhamisi: /100

Ijumaa: /100

Jumamosi: /100

Jumapili: /100

Jumatatu: /100

I hope to get at least 100xp each day, for a week in Kiswahili!

September 11, 2017

Stay safe snail dude! My friend just sent me pictures of her front yard. She's lucky because the storm curved or something. So, she only got minor flooding. If you can, try to get some preparation supplies while it's still safe. I linked another person a list here in another comment.

September 11, 2017

Thank you

September 11, 2017

I'm starting tonight!

  • Sunday: 140/100 XP

  • Monday: 130/100 XP

  • Tuesday: 150/100 XP yay! I leveled up in Dutch!

  • Wednesday: 270/100 XP Lmao I did a lot today.

  • Thursday: 100/100 XP

  • Friday: 10/100 XP I've been very sick lately so it's been hard to even move.

  • Saturday: 170 so far/100 XP might do some more tonight

September 11, 2017

Oh wow! I was a lot closer to reaching level 11 in Japanese than I realized it! Just reached it :D

Milestone reached!

(I had my blue light filter on when I took the screenshot :P)

September 11, 2017

Congrats Usagi! I hope to get there someday.

September 11, 2017

Keep working and you'll get there. You're only 3 levels away. :)

September 11, 2017

Thanks for the encouragement! When you look at it that way, it doesn't seem as difficult.

September 11, 2017

Do you plan to work on Japanese as part of your daily XP for the challenge this week?

September 11, 2017

That will help me reach a higher level, so sure!

September 11, 2017

I opened imgur directly from the notification and it was much clearer. Congratulation!!!

September 11, 2017

[deactivated user]


    September 11, 2017

    eeeeeee! Congrats!

    September 12, 2017

    I'll do mine for Japanese, 100 XP a day:

    Monday: 140/100 | Goal Met!

    Tuesday: 20/100 | Goal Not Met :(

    Wednesday: 30/100

    Thursday: --/100

    Friday: --/100

    Saturday: --/100

    Sunday: --/100

    (Edit: goal changed)

    September 11, 2017

    Ok I'll join, I could use the motivation boost. I'll be starting today, Monday. I'll put some extra for Monday and Sunday, for my days off :) This is all on top of an already 1 hour a day study habit outside Duolingo! Português:

    Segunda-feira: 221/200

    Terca-feira: 107/100

    Quarta-feira: 121/100

    Quinta-feira: 148/100

    Sexta-feira: 107/100

    Sábado: 107/100

    Domingo: 0/200

    Boa sorte a todos!

    Saturday edit: This challenge has helped me realize how easy 100xp a day really is, even on my busy days. Gonna finish strong tomorrow!

    September 11, 2017
    September 11, 2017

    Boa sorte LeZacky!

    September 11, 2017

    I would like learn Czech, and I do it every day. I usually do 60 - 80 exp Sorry for commeting late. Today(Monday) I'll do 100 japanese and corean, and I'll do them every day. Monday, tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And future.

    September 11, 2017

    Don't worry, you're not late at all! ^_^

    September 11, 2017

    Thank you for all the lingots. ###Thank you

    September 11, 2017

    [deactivated user]

      Week 3: going for 70 a day aiming for 100 took the fun out of this challenge, and i've been doing Korean off the site which isn't counting towards anything.



      Tuesday: 105/70

      Wednesday: 80/70

      Thursday: 20/70 (Could not find it in my soul to do duo today)

      Friday: 70/70

      Saturday: 87/70

      Week 2 gonna try for 100 everyday this week after today, or less got a cold so we'll see.


      Monday: 120/100

      Tuesday: 110/100

      Wednesday: 180/100

      Thursday: 100/100

      Friday: 100/100

      Saturday: 40/100 (Ending this week out pretty weak, but the beach was exhausting)

      Week 1 Goal is 70. 50 in French and 20 in Korean.

      Sunday: 100++

      Monday: ?? Can't remember lol

      Tuesday: 120/70

      Wednesday: 90/70

      Thursday: 149/70

      Friday: 70/70

      Saturday: 70/70

      Leveled up in French and Korean during week 1.

      September 11, 2017

      I'm in! At least a 100 XP per day and I think I will try to focus on Korean for this week. Thanks for the challenge!

      Monday 월요일: 160 XP though only 20 in Korean ✔️

      Tuesday 화요일: 191 XP, 81 of those in Korean ✔️

      Wednesday 수요일: 179, 49 of those in Korean ✔️

      Thursday 목요일: 215, 105 of those in Korean ✔️

      Friday 금요일: 188, 78 of those in Korean ✔️ Korean level up

      Saturday 토요일: 130 XP, 20 of those in Korean ✔️

      Sunday 일요일: 130 XP, 20 of those in Korean ✔️

      For now I will wait a while until more tips and notes are available for Korean. Contrary to the Japanese course which was easy because of lots of prior knowledge, the Korean course will need more time (and notes).

      Sooo second week goals... I'll stick to 100 a day and try to get through a bit more of the Korean tree (it sucks to be ahead of the notes...)

      Monday 월요일: 189 XP, 49 of those in Korean ✔️

      Tuesday 화요일: 160 XP, 50 of those in Korean ✔️

      Wednesday 수요일: 172 XP, 42 of those in Korean ✔️

      Thursday 목요일: 130 XP, 20 of those in Korean ✔️

      Friday 금요일: 130 XP, 20 of those in Korean ✔️

      Saturday 토요일: 184 XP, 74 of those in Korean ✔️ Japanese level 15

      Sunday 일요일: 145 XP, 35 of those in Korean ✔️ Korean level 8

      September 11, 2017

      Nice. I'm about 1500XP away from level 25 in Dutch, so I'll be aiming for 100XP in Dutch per day to get there faster.
      Maandag: 127XP
      Dinsdag: 135XP
      Woensdag: 104XP
      Donderdag: 129XP
      Vrijdag: 120XP
      Zaterdag: 116XP
      Zondag: 181XP

      All right, week 2. If I keep that rate up, I should get Level 25 this week.
      Maandag: 119XP
      Dinsdag: 110XP
      Woensdag: <110XP (it was a chaotic day and I didn't keep track very well, but that is the number I'm certain about)
      Donderdag: 113XP
      Vrijdag: 111XP
      (Chaotic last two days, therefore not updated in time) Zaterdag: 100XP and Level 25!
      Zondag: 101XP

      September 11, 2017

      AWESOME!!!! My goal is 100XP. This is a great motivator!

      WEEK ONE, 100XP

      Monday: 114XP

      Tuesday: 100XP

      Wednesday: 20/100XP (cries) :'(

      Thursday: 100XP

      Friday: 110XP

      Saturday: 130XP

      Sunday: 50XP (My health ran out at nearly midnight D':)

      WEEK TWO: 100XP (in Spanish only this time)

      Lunes: 120XP :D

      Martes: 0XP (I had to freeze my streak)

      Miercoles: 100XP :D

      Jueves: 100XP :D

      Viernes: 130XP :D

      Sabado: 150XP :D

      Domingo: 100XP :D

      Lunes: 100XP :D

      Is there a week three?

      My main goal here is to get farther down the Spanish tree. Finish it, if possible.

      September 11, 2017

      [deactivated user]

        I'm in! 100 XP/day. Thanks for the challenge! (And the cute bunnies.)

        Monday: 151

        Tuesday: 102

        Wednesday: 100!


        Friday: 103

        Saturday: 111

        Sunday: 121

        That's all for me! Thanks, Usagi, for the challenge. Good luck to everyone who continues with their second week!

        September 11, 2017

        Week 2

        Goal2: 70 XP Hebrew, per day.

        Note: Last week's goal was too high. I cut it down to 70XP per day this week.

        יום שני - הושלמה

        יום שלישי - הושלמה

        יום רביעי - הושלמה

        יום חמישי - הושלמה

        יום שיש - הושלמה

        שבת - הושלמה

        יום ראושן - הושלמה

        September 11, 2017

        I'll start on Monday. This is my goal 100 XP, per day.

        • Sunday: 28 XP

        • Monday: 100 XP

        • Tuesday: 190 XP

        • Wednesday: 143 XP

        • Thursday: 40 XP (I had problems with the internet connection)

        • Friday: 10 XP (I had problems with the internet connection)

        • Saturday: 191 XP

        September 11, 2017

        I can't express how much I love that you do these. Every time one ends I try to keep up the pace on my own but that only really lasts a few days before something comes up and interrupts the progress. But the cute pictures of bunnies bring with them a surge of motivation and determination!

        Let's see... I want to make more significant progress in Japanese and Korean, and to also stick with Czech for a bit longer. I'll attempt 50xp each of Japanese and Korean (in new lessons) and try to do at least one new lesson of Czech each day.

        Edit: Looks like I'll be changing my goal up for this first week. Instead of 50xp in new Korean lessons, I'll be doing 30xp. And while I haven't yet gotten to do Czech, I'll keep the goal, but try and make up for the lost work the last few days. I'll keep my reports in German though (corrections welcome!)

        Edit 2: Going to drop the Czech goal. I just can't seem to get around to it.

        月曜日: 59xp durch neue Lektionen auf Japanisch (+35xp durch Übung); Auf Koreanisch hab' ich nur 30xp durch neue Lektionen verdient und ich konnte Tschechisch nicht heute machen. Ich fühle mich eher enttäuscht mit dem ersten Tag aber ich denk', dass meine Bemühungen morgen viel besser sein werden.
        火曜日: 59xp durch neue Lektionen auf Japanisch [wieder] (+60xp durch Übung); Auf Koreanisch hab' ich nur 30xp wieder verdient und ich konnte Tschechish nicht machen weil mein ISP einen Ausfall letzte Nacht hatte. Der Tag wird sehr beschäftigt morgen sein, also ich mir Sorgen mache, dass ich nicht viele Lektionen machen können werde.
        水曜日: Ugh, ich bin so aufgeregt... ich konnte nur Japanisch heute machen. Ich hab' 60xp verdient, aber nichts auf Koreanisch und Tschechisch. Morgen hab' ich keine Arbeit, also ich viel mehr als heute machen können sollte.
        木曜日: Ich hab' nicht viel besser gemacht... heute hab' ich 60xp auf Japanisch verdient aber nur 43xp auf Koreanisch und noch nichts für Tschechisch. I wish watching anime all day counted more as Hörverstehen for Japanese, but that's just an excuse ^ ^
        金曜日: Heute hab' ich 58xp auf Japanisch und 30xp auf Koreanisch verdient.
        土曜日: Heute hab' ich nur Japanisch gemacht und 55xp verdient.
        日曜日: 60xp auf Japanisch und 30xp auf Koreanisch.

        Week 2

        My goal for week 2 will be a lot more manageable in that I'll be keeping to a single language. At the moment, I really want to focus my attention on Japanese, so I'll aim for the same "at least 4 new lessons each day" that I had before. I'm pretty happy with this pace and it lets things sink in rather well with how I've been using Duolingo to study for the past few years.

        月曜日: Eine kurze Aktualisierung - 60xp heute.
        火曜日: 57xp heute
        水曜日: 59xp heute
        木曜日: 60xp heute. Ich beende weiter die Lektionen wirklich spät in der Nacht also bin ich zu müde eine lange Aktualisierung zu schreiben.
        金曜日: 56xp heute. Ich hab' Niveau 11 erreicht!
        土曜日: Heute hab' ich ein bisschen mehr Arbeit gemacht, um Usagi-san in unserem Verein vorbeizugehen und hab' 72xp durch 5 Lektionen verdient.
        日曜日: Haha, der letzte Tag und ich hab' mein Ziel nicht erreicht (nur eine neue Lektion). Ich fühle mich aber sehr zufrieden.

        September 11, 2017

        Since you said corrections are welcome (and I do think your German is already pretty good):

        Ich fühle mich enttäuscht VON dem ersten Tag...

        IN Koreanisch hab ich nur...

        weil mein ISP letzte Nacht einen Ausfall hatte (your word order was unnatural)

        You cannot use beschäftigt with Tag, but only with persons. So either "Ich werde morgen sehr beschäftigt sein" or maybe "Der Tag wird morgen sehr voll sein"

        also mache ich mir Sorgen, dass ich nicht viele Lektionen machen werden kann.

        Ich konnte heute nur Japanisch machen

        also sollte ich viel mehr als heute machen können

        Ich war heute nicht viel besser/ Ich habe es heute nicht viel besser gemacht (I would go for the first, and I think watching anime does help your Hörverständnis^^)

        So reading up to Saturday I would say other than some habits with sentence structure you sound really good!

        September 17, 2017

        Oh! Danke schön für die Korrektionen! Ich weiß, dass Präpositionen, Wortwahl und die Wortreihenfolge von komplexen Sätze für mich die Schwierigsten sind. Und Niederländisch hilft gar nicht mit dem Letzteres. Es ist aber nett zu hören, dass mein Deutsch nicht zu schlecht ist.

        Hopefully that's not too bad... I tend to get lost in Nebensätze very easily especially when speaking. But mistakes must be made to improve! After all, es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen. (<- I didn't think I'd ever get to use this idiom after learning it from the German tree, but I'm glad I remembered it)

        Edit: I'll leave the original sentences in the post so others can see the mistakes and also learn from them if they need to.

        September 17, 2017

        My pleasure. Then let me add a few tiny corrections:

        the word Korrektion does exist but it is not the one you should choose in this case. Korrektur ist the better choice.

        either: die schwierigsten Bereiche/Sachen/Themen/Probleme... or das Schwierigste

        Und Niederländisch hilft gar nicht mit Letzterem.

        Very nice use of a fitting idom! Let me return the favor: Übung macht den Meister!

        September 18, 2017

        If only everyone went about offering corrections as respectfully as you have here. :)

        September 17, 2017

        Haha I know what you mean. I try to only offer my advice when people ask for it, and I think it should be a given to do it respectfully.

        September 18, 2017

        LupoMikti, welcome baaaack! :D You're close to catching up to me in Japanese! (No wonder you're lagging a wee bit behind though, will all of those courses you're working on. O_O)

        September 11, 2017

        Haha, what can I say? I'm a curious little pup :P

        Really though, I'm mostly focused on German, Dutch and Japanese, but I've been finished with the German and Dutch trees so long I've moved my learning of them off Duolingo. All the other languages are just for when I need a break from them. I do plan on finishing them all at some point though.

        September 11, 2017

        It's Monday for me now so I'll start there. Ganbatte everyone! c:

        Goals: get 100 XP a day, finish the tree.

        月曜日:107 XP, achieved level 10

        火曜日:110 XP

        水曜日:103 XP

        木曜日:110 XP, finished the tree!

        金曜日:100 XP



        September 11, 2017

        Ganbatte yo!

        September 11, 2017

        Thanks for the new challenge and the cute bunnies :-).

        I'm in again, I think it 's my third bunny challenge.
        I could use some review in Norwegian. I will commit to 50 XP (in the morning) and hope for 100 XP (if I have still some energy in the evening). I saw this on Monday, so that's where I start.

        Mandag: 50 + 0
        Tirsdag: 50 + 0
        Onsdag: 50 + 0
        Torsdag: 50 + 0
        Fredag: 50 + 0
        Lørdag: 90 + 0
        Søndag: 50 + 0

        Second week:

        Mandag: 50 + 0
        Tirsdag: 50 + 0
        Onsdag: 50 + 0
        Torsdag: 80 + 0
        Fredag: 60 + 0
        Lørdag: 90 + 0 (and level 15!)
        Søndag: 60 + 0

        September 11, 2017

        I will join too and try to reach 100 XP a day. I just checked, Swedish level 20 is still 1250 XP away. To reach that in a week would be a bit too much, but 700 is more than halfway there, so that's good enough.

        Måndag: 100 XP
        Tisdag: 103 XP

        September 11, 2017

        As some of you head into Week2 of this challenge, I just want to wish you がんばれ (good luck.) This bunny is so great that I'll probably also put it into the main post for next month. But, a little extra of a good thing is is an extra good thing!

        Ganbare cookie bunny!

        September 17, 2017

        I'm envious. I didn't succeed in posting my Korean owl picture (that I was dying to brag about). I followed the Hyllning formula, but all I managed to post was a broken thumbnail. Any idea what I could've done wrong?

        September 17, 2017

        Are you copying the url of the page where the image is hosted, or the url of the image? If you are snagging the url from the bar at the top of the screen, that's not the one you want. And, that's usually where people go wrong. I'm on Windows 10. I upload my images to Once the image is fully uploaded, I wait a second. Then, I right click the image itself and choose "copy image address". Then I paste that into the formula. I hope that helps!

        September 17, 2017

        That's what I did too, but for some reason it didn't work. I'll take another shot.

        Edit: it worked (what I was doing wrong was the privacy settings for the photo album). It's time to update my progress report and show off my new owl. Thank you!

        September 17, 2017

        I'll challenge myself to 100 xp a day, but I might have no internet for a while because of hurricane Irma!!!!

        September 11, 2017

        Just do your best. This challenge is about challenging yourself. Your first priority though is staying safe! If it's not too late, here is a suggested supply list. I know power is already out in some places in Florida, as well as rain and some stronger than usual winds. So, if it's not safe, don't go outside! All the best!

        September 11, 2017

        Sending you good thoughts and wishes!

        September 11, 2017

        Good luck, and stay safe.

        September 11, 2017

        Wishing you well.

        September 11, 2017

        Thank you guys all so much I really appreciate it.

        September 12, 2017

        I'm starting today!

        lunes: 110/100 XP

        martes: 150/100 XP (Reached Spanish Level 7!)

        miércoles: 110/100

        jueves: 100/100

        viernes: 130/100

        sábado: /100

        domingo: 0/100

        September 11, 2017

        Challenge accepted, once again! This time, I'll do 50-100xp in Czech. Just want to get further down (up?) the tree.

        Monday: 100xp







        Don't know the days of the week in Czech yet: haven't got that far!

        AHH!! I forgot this!!! But I have been keeping up with my Czech though!

        September 11, 2017

        I'm in. 300 XP a day. Goin' for the challenge. xD But, jsyk, I'm flying back to the US on Wednesday, so. We'll see.


        Lunes/Dydd Llun

        Martes/Dydd Mawrth

        Miércoles/Dydd Mercher

        Jueves/Dydd Lay

        Viernes/Dydd Gwener

        Sábado/Dydd Sadwrn

        Domingo/Dydd Sul

        And, a quick question; Can you gather XP from two languages? Or just one?

        September 11, 2017

        Hi Kinetic_Energy, sure! :)

        September 11, 2017


        September 12, 2017

        [deactivated user]

          Pondělí - 100xp (Czech)

          Úterý - 140xp (Czech)

          Středa - 100xp (Czech)

          (Missed Thursday - I failed this challenge) :(

          Pátek -

          Sobota -

          Neděle -

          September 11, 2017

          You didn't fail the challenge unless you failed the point of it. The point of it is to set a goal that will motivate you. If your goal stops motivating you, change your goal. It is ok to miss a aday. I only met half of my goal yesterday. And, I think I will be a little short of it today too. Life happens sometimes. You get hurt or sick and a friend unexpectedly shows up who you want to see. These are worthy things. Don't lose sight of your goal, of course. But, also only be as gentle or hard on yourself as what will continue to nurture your language learning journey. :)

          September 21, 2017

          [deactivated user]

            Thank you Usagi! I'll keep that in mind for future challenges. =)

            September 21, 2017


            I'm going to count today (Monday) as the first day. So, minimun 50xp per day in Hebrew!

            יום שני- 200 xp

            70 xp יום שלישי -

            120 xp יום רביעי -

            130 xp יום חמישי -

            Zero xp. Did I almost lost my streak? Yes! Did I remember to do my daily Duo? It didn't even cross my mind. Am I feeling guilty about it? NO! Why? Because after so many months I could finally go through a whole day without thinking about my problems, without being consumed by worries. So, it was worth the fright. יום שיש -

            50 xp יום שבת -

            120 xp יום ראושן -

            This format is very weird, but I don't know how to make it look "normal" so it'll have to work :D בהצלחה לנו!

            September 11, 2017


            Duolingo really doesn't like being made to mix Latin and Hebrew letters - when I do the days of the week in Hebrew. I usually end up writing them as I go along, otherwise it tends to end up in a mess! ;-p

            September 11, 2017


            If it was only Duo, it would be easy. But I guess all the social sites don't like this mix :D

            September 11, 2017


            Thanks for the heads up, your royal bunniness! (Also, that rabbit eating is ridiculously cute ❤️)

            I'm attempting to gild my Hebrew tree and I'm dabbling in Czech on the side (I currently have no audio, which is not encouraging me to keep working as I am not really getting a feel for the language), so I'll aim for 100 mostly in Hebrew.

            I would do Monday to Monday, but for some bizarre reason, my weekly XP thing is no longer telling me what I got if I click on each day, and I am not convinced I got 100 yesterday, so Tuesday-Tuesday will have to do. Duolingo loathes me mixing Hebrew and Latin letters, so call this an excuse to make myself learn the Czech days of the week.

            úterý Done!
            středa Done!
            čtvrtek Done!
            pátek Done!
            sobota Done!

            September 11, 2017


            Hmm... I wonder if you were in a Duo club if it would get the daily XP tracker working? I was about to suggest you could join mine to test the theory, but I'm not sure it will keep track of anything but XP gained in the Japanese for English tree. Other than that, I would just recommend refreshing the page and if that doesn't work, maybe signing out and back in again. (Really though, hopefully it just fixes itself today!)

            September 11, 2017


            I think it may be some kind of issue between me being on an iPad and the site rewrite. The XP tracker works, in that it goes up and down according to how much I've done, and in theory I could attempt to work it out from the graph, it just won't give me an exact result if I click on the yellow dots, which it used to do.

            I had a day last week when I got 600+ XP, so the numbers up the side weren't very useful to try and figure it out, but looking today (now that big total is no longer there), I don't think I got anywhere close to 100XP on Monday so... no harm, no foul!

            I am halfway to my goal today and levelled up in Hebrew :D your challenges always seem to pop up at the right time :)

            Edited to add: I just saw and read the article you linked in your profile, that was wonderful ❤️

            September 13, 2017


            It's been a few years since I've gotten 600XP in a day. I forgot it was even possible lol. Wow... If I did that, I'd level up in just 2 days. Thinking face.

            I'm always glad to learn that people are still finding these challenges motivating. I wouldn't have even gained 20XP this week if I weren't participating in the challenge this week. So, it helps me too lol. Also, really glad people are digging the video I linked. :)

            I don't use the yellow dots anymore. I use the circle where my current XP is compared against my daily goal. I'm using the Desktop version with Windows 10 with Chrome.

            September 13, 2017


            I only got that many in one day because the Czech course came out! I speak Russian, and I have some knowledge of Croatian, Polish and Ukrainian, plus I did the English for Czech speakers tree as prep, so although I didn't know enough actual Czech to test out of much of the tree with the placement test (I think I managed one whole skill LOL), testing out of individual skills OR just whipping through the skill very quickly is more than doable. If I actually had sound (there are teething problems with the Czech sound in some browsers) then I would probably be racing down the tree, but I'm wary of racing when I'm not getting a picture of how the language sounds. I usually only rack up that kind of XP when I am diving into a new tree where I have a lot of background knowledge!

            I use the circle on any given day, but I can't use it to check on a previous day's XP total once it goes past midnight, so if I forget to check, it's down to guesswork. I usually do remember to check when there's a challenge happening! :D

            September 14, 2017


            The end of this week I have done badly - back pain has sapped my concentration to a massive extent. Busy day tomorrow, but my vague plan of action is to attempt another week of consistency from Wednesday!

            středa ✔️

            September 18, 2017


            I empathize. My pain levels are currently low. But, I imagine with the cold and rainy weather having just arrived, it is likely only a matter of time. And, you're right, it can quickly zap concentration. Sending you the best!

            September 18, 2017


            I swear I left a reply here! shakes fist at Duolingo forum

            There's a sort of background level of pain that I'm basically used to, but then I did something to my back about a fortnight or so ago, and my back went "Ohhh, no," and I was in some serious pain for a while that was... urgh. The last couple of days it's retreated to more-than-usual, but less-than-agonising levels, so I'm using heat and anti-inflammatories and hoping that I've got over that particular hump.

            Sending hugs and low/lack of pain vibes x

            September 21, 2017


            Similar situations here with the constant low level hum of pain. I too had a spike, as predicted, with the weather. I've had to be gentle about backing off on my goals and lowering them a bit. It might take me an extra two or so days to reach level 12 beyond predicted. And, I'm back to 1 ASL lesson too, just to keep true to the underlying goal of just getting back into the habit of doing any amount of ASL daily.

            September 21, 2017


            Hey flootzavut, how you holdin up?

            September 19, 2017


            Mew! Thank you for doing this! I am still working through the Hungarian tree, and reviewing plenty as I go along, so I will aim for 50xp per day in Hungarian.

            Monday: 50xp (very pleased with myself for completing it even though I have a cold and can't stop sneezing)
            Tuesday: 60xp (tough day, but I exceeded my goal!)
            Weds: 10xp (things finally caught up to me but at least I did a lesson)
            Thurs: 50xp (it feels good to be back on track!)
            Friday: 50xp (mostly in review, but still it felt good to achieve my goal!)
            Saturday: 60xp
            Sunday: 50xp (yay!!)

            Week 2, mew!
            Monday: 50xp
            Tuesday: 50xp
            Wednesday: 50xp
            Thursday: 20xp (just too tired to do more)
            Friday: 50xp
            Saturday: 50xp
            Sunday: 50xp!

            September 12, 2017


            Way to persevere!

            September 12, 2017


            I'd like to give this a try. Thank you for hosting! :D
            I am going to focus on grammar for a while so I won't be earning XP in Japanese as much. I am going to re-gild my French tree and am going to challenge myself to do 100XP each day.

            I will try to write my logs in French. Please let me know if I make any errors! :)

            月曜日: Aujourd'hui, j'ai gagné 108 XP de l'arbre français. Maintenant, j'ai 49 compétences à terminer. Oh, l'arbre japonais était irrésistible, je devais faire un ou deux exercices. Tout ce que j'ai fait était la révision, aucune nouvelle leçon n'a commencé.
            Total XP : 128



            Je suis très heureux d'avoir commencé le défi de ma journée avec un niveau supérieur! Aujourd'hui, j'ai révisé mes cours de japonais et j'ai ensuite passé en revue mon arbre français. Tout en examinant, on m'a rappelé que ces jours où j'avais 45 compétences dans l'arbre à terminer mais n'avait pas encore de motivation. La chouette semblait loin. Roday est très différent et je suis content que il sont seule 45 compétences à l'or!
            Total XP: 109

            水曜日: J'ai étudié le japonais aujourd'hui et terminé 'Activity 1'. La prochaine leçon est un peu difficile mais je vais continuer! : D Après le japonais, j'ai aussi étudié le français.
            Total XP: 110

            木曜日: Je ne pouvais pas faire beaucoup aujourd'hui et me concentrer sur la révision en français. Compétences à renforcer : 47
            Total XP = 30


            Although it took me a while to type the days of week in Kanji, it was worth it! :D

            September 11, 2017


            Eep, I almost forgot and only just got all of my XP in 4 minutes to midnight. (Though, I'm pretty sure 10XP never registered. :P) How is everyone else doing? For me, this is my third day. I usually start to struggle around the 3rd or 4th day.

            September 13, 2017


            I am walking with a relaxed pace, so I'm not struggling (with this challenge, that it). I could have even gone for 100 XP, if only I wasn't juggling too many balls at the moment, both online (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Finnish, Sumerian, ASL) and offline as well.

            September 13, 2017


            It is good to pace ourselves. Hopefully, we'll be less likely to burn out that way. Also wow, :O that is quite a few languages to juggle! I can't recall if you've said before, but, where online are you studying ASL? A bunny is curious.

            September 13, 2017


            I'm only taking baby steps with Finnish, Sumerian, and ASL (using this course on Memrise). Normally, I don't multitask (more like, I'm a poor multitasker), but I've come to realize that there were things that, if I don't at least take first steps towards, I won't be taking any at all, so I'm forcing myself a little for the moment, and yes, it kind of burns T_T

            September 13, 2017


            Finally reached that point when all I want to do is kick Duolingo. My brain became cheese, but I'm not giving up!

            September 14, 2017


            Nice photo, I like photo, thanks you all for commenting

            <h1>Thank you</h1>
            September 11, 2017


            Good luck/buena suerte, Perritomiguel!

            September 11, 2017

            <h1>Thank you</h1>

            Thank you

            Thank you

            Thank you

            Thank you
            And thanks
            September 11, 2017


            Wow, how did you make that?

            September 11, 2017


            I will be doing this challenge for at least a week. My goal is to get 100 xp per day until i finish the Romanian tree. I have 10 skills left now.

            Sunday duminică: 100XP ✔️

            Monday luni: 100XP ✔️

            Tuesday marți: 100XP ✔️

            Wednesday miercuri: 110XP ✔️

            Thursday joi: 100XP ✔️

            Friday vineri: 100XP ✔️

            Saturday sâmbătă: 100XP ✔️

            September 12, 2017


            I finished this week's challenge, but I still 3 skills left in Romanian.

            September 17, 2017


            I'm planning to extend this challenge into a second week for those who want to continue it. Also, congrats! :O

            September 17, 2017


            Sunday: 120 XP I needed just one more day to complete my Romanian tree.

            September 18, 2017


            For those who enjoy the format of this challenge and who would like to try their hand at learning American Sign Language for a week, feel free to join the 1 Week ASL Challenge. Lesson resources available there. Link updated. :)

            September 17, 2017


            I reached 50XP for my first day of the second week of this challenge. I need to do a little less than 100XP a day to reach my ultimate goal of making it to level 12 by next Saturday. But, I want to make sure to reach my ASL goal for the other challenge. So, I'm going to take a break from Japanese to go do at least half of that before I come back to get more XP in Japanese and then go back and finish the other one. I just don't want to risk putting either off until the other is completely done.

            September 18, 2017


            I finished out my week just 83XP short of reaching my goal for this challenge. But, I'm feeling really great about the progress I made this week.

            When I first started the Japanese course, I took a placement test and then I challenged a few sections. So, I've seen some new stuff this week that made me really glad that I am going back through to strengthen the skills and level up. In Uni, I never really got good at some of the sentence constructions and I've gotten a lot more practice at being able to compose sentences for "She is skilled at playing piano." I also got a sentence composition I didn't even get to see in uni. I was really excited to see it. It was: ゆうびんきょくにてがみをもって行きます In English that means "I am going to the post office with letters." It might not seem so fancy, but, it highlights an important difference in syntax, or word order, between the two languages. The Japanese word order goes like this: Post office to, letters, having go. I had to stop and really think about what my answer was going to be, trying to think my way through Japanese sentence construction, rather than English. I was really excited when I got it right on my first try. :D

            Did you learn anything exciting/new/very different from your native language this week?

            September 24, 2017


            I can’t say yet that I learnt, but I’m still trying to figure out the logic behind the sentence structure in Korean. At first glance, it seemed similar to Japanese, but there were few times when it wasn’t quite so. It’s difficult for me to fully map it at this stage, considering that I’m a total beginner, and especially in the absence of lesson notes on the course.

            September 24, 2017


            If it's any interest to you, I kept a journal for 4 weeks while I was alpha testing the original desktop version. I also was a complete beginner. The first entry is mostly talking about process. After that, it gets into some of the grammar and syntax. There is trial and error. The comment section of those entries came in very handy. :)

            I'm so focused on Japanese right now that I haven't signed up for Korean since it's limited beta release. But, I'm looking forward to adding it later.

            September 24, 2017


            Thank you very much. I skimmed quickly through the journal, and it seems like you relied on additional support from external resources during your testing. This is perhaps the main difference between us. Team Korean stated that no prior knowledge was necessary to take the course, so out of curiosity, I decided to test the possibility of learning a language that I had zero knowledge in as a 100% duolingo experience, and I did not use any external resources. I think that goal was unrealistic without lesson notes included in the course.
            I'll examine your journal in more detail, and use it to support my study. I'm also curious to compare my experience with those of other alpha testers. I'm very grateful for your help.

            September 24, 2017


            We're in the home stretch! I've only got 2 days left on mine while I know others have 3. How's it going?

            September 15, 2017


            So far I only did my minimum; I was just too tired in the evenings. But with the coming weekend and just having gotten the updated Norwegian tree, I hope to do a bit more towards the end!
            What about you, Usagiboy?

            September 15, 2017


            I'm really struggling. This challenge is the only thing effectively motivating me to do lessons each day. So, I'm really glad the challenge is happening.

            Yeah, I saw your comment helping that person understand what had happened to their course progress. Thanks for that btw! About how many lessons did 3.0 add? Do you know?

            September 15, 2017


            Keep on keeping on ;-)

            I don't know how many changes there are, but I remember the Norwegian team said the changes were "small" compared to the change from tree 1.0 to tree 2.0. I'm still in the first third of the tree, and in that part the team added one new skill and a few new words.

            September 15, 2017


            I'm a little disappointed with myself. Japanese is going really well, but I haven't met my goal for Korean or Czech any of the days so far (though at least I can say I've done some Korean... I haven't done any Czech for this challenge). But I still have time! We'll see how this weekend goes (and hopefully I don't waste it away catching up on all the anime I've missed like I did just yesterday).

            September 15, 2017


            If you are open to a recommendation, keep your 50XP/day for Japanese, Keep Czech at 10XP/day and move Korean from 50XP/day to 20XP/day.

            It is better to reassess the challenges you set for yourself and adjust them for success, than to set a goal you aren't meeting everyday and feel bad about it. If you step back and look at the situation from another perspective, I hope you will feel accomplished because it is still really cool that you are doing Japanese, etc at all. There are a lot of people on the planet who aren't doing any of that.

            Also, this week won't be the only chance you'll have to work towards 110XP/day. I'll probably keep the Sept challenge going through Week 2, like I did last month. And, I will probably run an October challenge too.

            Remember, don't set yourself up for failure, and you will succeed. ^_^

            September 15, 2017



            Yeah, I should have changed my goal a couple days ago and was losing sight of the bigger picture. This is exactly what I needed to hear too. You'd think that after years of telling myself similar things to keep me going as I study Astrophysics, Linguistics and Programming that I wouldn't slip so easily back into a fixed mindset instead of continuing with my growth mindset; but I'm glad there are people like you who provide such positivity and inspiration. It always brings me back on track ^ ̮-̮ ^


            September 15, 2017


            "Don't set yourself up for failure, and you will succeed."

            This is such good advice. You should add it to the first post :)

            September 15, 2017


            If I may attach a disclaimer: context is important for this quote's application. We certainly don't have control of every aspects of our lives and well-being. And, my intention behind using "success", is a connotation of a satisfying/uplifting feeling. (I have seen many a quote abused in my life. So, it is with some compulsion that I offer the disclaimer, not because of concern anyone in this discussion has inspired. ;)

            September 15, 2017


            That's true, but I think in general it's a pretty good philosophy when setting one's own goals and ambitions :D (And I am 100% behind your definition of success, too.)

            And... yeah, I can understand the compulsion.

            September 16, 2017


            Sunday morning here, so let's see if I can stick with this. Do I get a bunny at the end? :D

            Sunday - 100 XP (Portuguese)

            September 17, 2017


            hahaha, sure. I'll put up a bunny to encourage people as they head into week 2! (Great idea, btw!)

            September 17, 2017


            One day left for me and still 173 left to go. My friend's bday party starts soon and my brain won't let me cram anymore practice in for right now. I'm really really hoping to get to level 12 tomorrow as planned. But, not quite sure I can get there due to the couple of days I came up short this week. We'll see. I haven't given up just yet.

            How is it coming along for you? Still with us?

            September 23, 2017


            I'm still here! I keep finishing the lessons really late at night, so my updates have been pretty short. But focusing on just Japanese was a good decision. At my current pace I think I would finish the tree in a couple weeks time (I'm on the Nature skill right now).

            September 23, 2017


            LupoMikti, I've been finishing them pretty late too. Congrats on being so close to finishing the Japanese tree! I hope you'll post a picture of your golden owl once you reach that point. If you haven't reached it by the end of this month, there will probably be another 100XP Bunny challenge to join again. ^_^

            September 24, 2017


            Still working on it. I just made an extra effort to level up :-).

            173 is a lot to do on one day, Uagiboy7. Don't overdo it, you can always do it later, and you do not need to do it, do you?
            Enjoy the party!

            September 23, 2017


            Strandfloh, I agree with your assessment. I will not be able to log 173XP today. But, I got a lot closer than I thought I would towards my overall goal this week. I really appreciate the motivation provided by everyone who partook in this month's challenge. Also, fortunately, no there is no outside requirements. I just wanted to challenge myself to do as much as I could this week. And, to that end I certainly pushed myself and succeeded if not in the level up, then in challenging myself to go beyond something easy to reach. This week was very challenging for me. :)

            September 24, 2017


            Mew! The challenge has been a nice motivator through a busy and challenging week. Without it, I probably would have done the bare minimum and then not gotten the satisfaction of making a good chunk of progress. I am almost to the last checkpoint in the Hungarian tree! At this rate maybe I can finish it next month.

            September 24, 2017


            WOOHOOO! bunny five! Looking forward to when you get your Hungarian golden owl. ^_^

            September 24, 2017
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