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[Suggestion] Custom Day Start

[deactivated user]

    Would it be possible for Duolingo to implement a custom day start time? I have a different app that does this and I find it really useful. Often times I get my daily XP after my day is finished/before I go to sleep and I end up losing my streak because its past 12:00. Setting the reset time to 1 or 2 AM is something I think would be very helpful. Any thoughts?

    September 11, 2017



    I agree! Also it is difficult while traveling. Is there a way we can possibly change the "time zone" of the app and hence allowing us to alter the reset time?


    Why not use a streak freeze for a day?

    For example, if you get no Duolingo practice on Tuesday and have it covered by a streak freeze, then your 1:30 am practice on Wednesday morning counts for Wednesday, your 2:00 am practice the next day on Thursday morning counts for Thursday, your 1:00 am practice on Friday morning counts for Friday, etc. and you won't need those to count for the day it was before midnight. :)


    So it'd be like Snapchat streaks?

    I don't like that to be honest. What if you're deadline is at 6:00 pm. You go somewhere with no device, then suddenly, you get lost, or you check something else out instead.

    I think it's great this way so you have any point during the day to do it.

    [deactivated user]

      It wouldn't be like Snapchat streaks, you just get to change the daily reset time. So instead of the default 12:00 you could make it a different time of day/night.

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