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  5. "6 tigers"

"6 tigers"

Translation:호랑이 여섯 마리

September 11, 2017



마리 is the counting word for animals.


Directly translated as 'tiger one animal'. Other common counters include: 개 for general things (사과 두 개 2 apples) 대 for machines (차 다섯 대 5 cars) 권 for books (책 열두 권 12 cars) 명 for people (사람 아홉 명 9 people)


육 is given as 6, why isnt it 여섯 like the answer?


There are two systems for counting in Korean. Pure Korean and Sino Korean. Pure Korean numerals are used for- hours, counting objects, years and some other things. Sino Korean is used to count- minutes, dates, months, write addresses, phone nos., money, floors, years (years are counted in both systems. 어섯 is the Pure Korean numeral and 육 is the Sino Korean numeral. For counting animals/people/ objects, we use Pure Korean numerals. So yeah.


여섯 마리호랑이 should be correct, though rejected. Please show me why it is wrong grammartically.

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