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French words


I recently finished my French tree and finally re-guilded it, but under words it still shows 1377 words. I read somewhere that there are about 2000 words in the French tree. Is there a way to see a list of all those words before reaching level 25?

September 11, 2017



Level 25 is purely based on the number of XP you have earned, not the number of words.

If you have finished your tree you should have been introduced to all the words listed in each lesson you have completed. It should be relatively easy to count those.


That's how it was before. When I completed my tree a few years ago, it showed all 1800+ words (at the time), but it seems that they have changed it. When I completed the tree (this time) I only had about 1200 words and with each strengthening practice I get a few more words.


I'm up to 3000 words. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more...


Please change the topic of this discussion from Duolingo to French. Thanks.

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