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What language would you like to be fully immersed in?

I am planning my study abroads for when I go to university... If you could be dropped off in a foreign country to learn the language through immersion, whether you know any or not where would you go? Multiple answers are okay as I have several which I will list in a comment. Also tell us the reasons you are interested in going to learn the language.

September 11, 2017



I like Hebrew. It is fun and a cool and easy enough language to learn and it is even easier to read. I would love even more to go to Israel since I was born there and I haven't been there in 12 years...


I envy you. For me Hebrew is the hardest language I ever tried to learn.


Yeah Hebrew was to hard for me, I like to either have my phonetic spelling or memorize characters, in between was weird (no vowels, is why) but Polish and Turkish were harder to me.


i wan't to do french


American Sign Language (ASL). Of all 15 languages I've had at least a small amount of experience with, it is by far my favorite. It is emotive and life changing. The history is rich, horrifying, and touching. The culture forming up around it is artistic and powerful. <3


Oh that's a good one! I had a friend that was almost completely deaf and I got to learn some from her because with her hearing aids she was able to understand me if I spoke loud and clear, she is the only person I ever had fun at a school dance with even though it was so loud she turned her hearing off and we just communicated through facial expression while we danced. I love that in ASL one talks with their face just as much as with their hands, I can't wait to take it in college, I also hope to see it on Duo someday, through like gifs or something, it would be interesting to see how the logistics of that would work out


Could you explain a bit of the history behind ASL?


3 hours later... I have finished the first draft of my response. But, I'm waiting for a friend to check it over before I post it.

Because it is so huge, I'm going to make it into a discussion of its own. But, once it's up, I'll post the link as a reply to you. :)


Here is the discussion post that goes into some of the history of ASL: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24454675 ^_^


My first choice would be Russia, especially Saint Petersburg. I love everything about the language and culture and am a big fan of the cyrillic alphabet. I've already been to Saint Petersburg twice and fell in love with the city right away.

My second choice would be Bratislava, Slovakia. It's really close to where I live (1 our by train) and I adore the city and the language.

My third choice would be Israel. It would be a nice opportunity to reconnect with my Jewish roots and the culture is a fascinating mix of influences from all over the world. However, I do struggle a lot with the Hebrew language.

Oh, and Amsterdam, of course. I've been there so often it starts to feel like home. However, staying there for longer would be really really nice.


Where do you live? country


I live in Vienna, Austria.


1 The People's Republic of China: I find the Chinese characters to be the most aesthetically pleasing writing system in the world

2 Mauritius: a tiny Island near Madagascar where they speak a French Creole, I have a good online friend from there and I have a crush on him ##3 Kenya: I had a friend in High School from here and I love tea, which is a main Kenyan export, Swahili is also a good introduction to African languages

4 Bangladesh: I love Bengali script and I find it to be more enjoyable than Hindi, I also follow a lot of Bangladeshis on Social media

5 Kerala, India: Kerala refuses to implement the beef ban, has a pretty abugida script I also have some friends from here online

6 Panama: my high school Spanish teacher was from here and she said that she loves it.

7 The Caucus region: one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world

8 Sicily: my great grandfather's father immigrated from Sicily and I would like to see it.

9 Amsterdam, ND really want to go to as many places as possible but those are the big ones.


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Personally, I'd choose Bhutan.


I have no idea why (I had thought you hadn't pressed enter enough, but that doesn't seem to be the case) but you have all your text in big lettering now. Hey - maybe you want it that way! :-)

At times I would have liked to have been immersed in the language and culture of any of: Italy, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden. Others I might have wanted to dip into from time to time, but not to be compeletely immersed in their languages and cultures.


This is a great question! My first pick, betraying my German heritage, would definitely be Dutch. I just love the language, the food, the people. It's just great. It would be awesome to be immersed in it since pronunciation is one of my weak points.

Second would be Tokelau, it is both a language and a territory of New Zealand. Tokelau is an endangered language and less than five thousand people still speak it. The language is beautiful and was used for the songs in Disney's Moana, which is how I found out about it.

Third is a tie between Korean and Japanese, I love them both and both cultures are quite fascinating. I love how they have their own alphabet and the history of Hangeul. It's odd that Japanese uses symbols similar to Chinese ones, it scares me but I would still like to see the rhyme and reason to it.


I would choose Poland and go and immerse myself in the Polish language and culture. This is because I really enjoy learning the language, and that being in an environment where it is spoken will help me overcome the language's grammatical difficulty.


I'd definitely want to go to Tanzania. When I go to college, I want to study abroad there. Hopefully I can go to BU to use their study abroad program and also to major in English Education (specifically English Education and English as a Second Language) and minor in African Languages and Literature. So I am very committed to learning Swahili. Going to Tanzania would be amazing.


I would love to be dropped into Rome, so I could immerse myself in Italian.

I have many friends who live there and I love to listen to them speak their native tongue. I plan on a visit in April to Lake Como and then to Rome.

If not Italian, then Japan. I've done Judo since I was six and love Japanese culture. Would love to train at Tokyo University


There are three countries that I'd absolutely love to live in for a period and learn their languages: 1. Greece 2. Russia 3. Italy


spain it just sounds so cool


I dream of going to Prague one day, so czech.


France because I feel like I could really get my French to the next level if I lived there and Italian because I have wanted to visit there for a long time..


I would like to learn French because I want to go to France when i'm older and i want to talk in French to my friend who is a native French speaker.


Well, I have a few places to choose from...

-Sweden, because I love the language and thanks to my heritage actually look like I could speak it, so it would actually be a lot easier to practice talking in Swedish since people wouldn't automatically try switching to English as a default.

-S. Korea, because I've been learning Korean for a while now and it's very tricky--it would help if I could stay in the country for a long time and get a good grasp of the language 24/7 instead of just for an hour a day or so through self-study.

-Wales, because their written language looks so impossible but intriguing and their language sounds really beautiful

-Italy, because their language just sounds so fun! It's something about the accent. Just trying to speak Italian with an Italian accent (if that makes sense) puts a smile on my face.

I leave out French and Spanish-speaking countries because the languages are more widespread and I feel there are still many great opportunities to learn them well without being immersed in countries where they are spoken.

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