"wrong tree"

Translation:špatný strom

September 11, 2017

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So I get that špatny could be worng and bad. But how would you denote one over the other? The tree can be the wrong tree, but what if it's a bad tree for whatever tree related business i might have?


Without context, which we don't have here, you really can't. In this exercise, BAD, WRONG and INCORRECT are accepted.


Just add a little context basically. Or use a synonym—nesprávný is an example for incorrect or mizerný is an example for crummy/lousy as in the bad tree example you gave.


"špatný" (bad) and "horší" (worse) look vaguely cognate-like with respect to their respective English language translation counterparts. I'd view the identification of the link as pedagogically/mnemonically/heuristically useful.

I learnt to distinguish "strom" (tree) from "stroj" (machine) based on viewing "stroj" as resembling "(to) construct". Both "strom" and "stroj" get introduced in the current lesson/unit. In Russian, "строить" is "to build".


In old Czech "strojiti" used to mean "to set up", for example a trap, which is very close to the "construct" meaning, and that's how "stroj" was later coined.

"Strom" is related to "strmý" (steep).


How do I get the right accents on my (nokia, android) phone?


Install a Czech keboard layout, there are many. Even the default keboard app should support it.

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