"Every day she drinks coffee in the cafe."

Translation:그녀는 매일 카페에서 커피를 마셔.

September 11, 2017

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그녀는 카페에서 매일 커피를 마셔

그녀는 매일 카페에서 커피를 마셔

그녀는 카페에서 커피를 매일 마셔

매일 그녀는 카페에서 커피를 마셔

are all acceptable please allow, if you put one of these you are correct but the answer has not yet been added to acceptables

do not feel discouraged because your answer is not accepted just make sure to report to improve the course for others and even your self when doing review sessions


As a native Korean, I have to say 매일(everyday) can definitely come first


Thank you. I was taught to put time and place first, but when I did, it was marked wrong.


How come there is no ending thing after the last word drinking? Is it just informal?


If you mean why doesn't the sentence end with 요, yes, this is banmal, which is used to people below you or to people you are super close to.

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