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Memrise and Duolingo

I have studied 2 languages before coming here study French (third languge). I spent A LOT of time and energy on Memrise studying Japanese , about 90% if feels, on the kanji. So I am particularly curious about your experienced results with using Memrise. As you know there is a Premium (subscription version) and the free version. Ha, I am willing to bet a box of Japanese sweets that maybe only 1 of my respondents has paid good money for Memrise coaching... So, I am guessing the issue of time priorities determines, for the majority, which one is used most and why......meaning largest number of replies here, will spend more than 50% of the time on one service first, and what ever remains of their time, goes to the other, Oui? Non?

Comparisons between these two services, I suspect the majority will say "complimentary".. However this answer will somewhat contradict my previous hypothesis. Please explain how/why you use the two,

My disclosure: Frankly, after spending alot of time and energy on Memrise, I became VERY disappointed with the quality and/or consistency of the ID, Instructional Design. Yeah, I know the reason(s) for some of that, but it still doen't wash with me. I was willing to spend good money if it was going to produce results. But I didn't then. Things may have changed.....from.4 years ago

Finally, you may know that Memrise, is cultivating an image, and certainly the premium service, purports to use the latest Cognitive Psychological research

for their design, etc. No one needs to tell us that "AI " is going to be a "big buzz thing" going forward in online learning, if not already. I used to have an interesting job, and in that job, i could get free research reading material related to these mentioned topics....and I actually studied LISP. However, we are probably still a very expensive subscription ticket away from experiencing the AI or even Cognitive Psych. impact for the general public. Internet examples of either Duolingo or Memrise may have advanced plans I dont know about....however I doubt I will see any evidence in the next couple of years...

September 11, 2017


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