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"We moeten die definitie eerst goed bekijken."

Translation:First we must take a good look at that definition.

1 year ago


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edit: The translation has been corrected after I commented.

Misschien kan het team Nederlands de vertaling van deze zin eerst nog eens goed bekijken?
The translation should probably be changed to "First we have to take a good look at that definition."

1 year ago


That's what I wrote, and my reply got deleted right away for pointing out the obvious. Nice job dealing with criticism, mods.

1 year ago

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Reports of problems with sentences or translations don't really belong in the sentence discussions and tend to get deleted (though usually we fix the problems when we do so).

Even so, your reports are really appreciated! Please continue filing them, using the red flag button during the exercises. Thank you.

1 year ago

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On the website, it doesn't allow you to write an explanation when you "flag" a question for an error or because you think your answer should be accepted, or some other problem. All it allows you to do is to put a check mark by the answer which is most applicable and then submit it. For example: you see an obvious error in either the Dutch or the English sentence, so you click the flag and choose the option "This question has an error" (or something like that) and then click submit. You can't write an explanation, so how do you guys know what the error is? Obviously, if you knew the error, there wouldn't be any in the sentence.

1 year ago


Same comment. Both should be accepted

11 months ago

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Just another word of defense on behalf of those of us who sometimes use the discussion section to detail problems we spot with the English translations... For some reason, there isn't always an opportunity on the "red button" choices to report an error in the translation. Sometimes there are five possible types of problems to report, sometimes there are only three possibilities that do not include reporting a problem with the translation. Perhaps this is a bug?

4 months ago

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I had: First we must have a good look at that definition which was faulted. Why?

1 week ago