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"little boy"

Translation:malý kluk

September 11, 2017



isn't 'chlapec' also a translation for 'boy'?

[deactivated user]

    How do we make the l sound, does it roll like a Spanish r?


    See the Tips and notes or read wikipedia about Czech phonology. Or just listen to the audio here.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you. I just bought a book about linguistics so I can better understand all these terms. Sometimes the audio in other languages is misleading. I am getting a sense of the letter l in Czech.


      What is the difference between "Malý kluk" and "Chlapeček". It seems to be the same thing, but is one used over the other more or in different situations?


      One is literally a boy that is small, the other is a diminutive.

      Diminutives have their connotations, they are often not neutral. Chlapeček can bee indeed used neutrally for a very young boy (depending on the speaker it could be below 3, or below 5 but for me certainly before school) and it can also be used in a condescending way. I even see a small difference to holčička, for which even Google returns pictures of even school-aged girls. Noticable older to pictures of chlapeček.

      And then you have hošík, klučina, klučík, děvčátko, dívenka. All these have to be analysed individually as their actual usage might differ and might do so even between regions or speaker age groups or just individual speakers.

      Malý kluk can also be used (and often is) in a condescending way. Malý chlapec less often so as chlapec is quite formal these days.


      That is accepted.


      if we sayd small tree and in Czech its malý strom.. What about little girl? Is it okay if i sayd little girl.. Not small girl..?


      If the Czech phrase is malá holka, for example, you can use either "little girl" or "small girl" in English. (If I didn't understand your question, please ask again.)


      What's difference between mlady kluk and maly kluk?


      Mladý is "young." While many/most small boys may be young, not all young boys are small... and the other way around.

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