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  5. "The women are beautiful."

"The women are beautiful."

Translation:여자들이 아름답습니다.

September 11, 2017



Both of these words are similar and are commonly translated like this: 예쁘다 ➡ 예뻐요 Pretty (Casually some people may say 이뻐) 아름답다 ➡ 아름다워요 Beautiful


What's the difference between 예쁘다 and 예뻐요? And between 아름답다 and 아름다워? Are the second ones less formal?


예쁘다 - not conjugated. informal if you use it in speech // 예쁩니다 - formal and polite // 예뻐요 - still polite but kind of informal // 예뻐 - informal. used with friends and people close to you around your age or younger, people in your same social status or lower. using it with older people / people above you without permission may result in an angry fit lol

same for these (and any other verb/adjective): 아름답다 // 아름답습니다 // 아름다워요 // 아름다워


Why is the verb (or adjectival verb) completely different in "A woman is beautiful" and "The women are beautiful"?


예쁘다 means "pretty" whereas 아름답다 means "beautiful," it doesn't have to do with plural/singular, it's just a different word


The confusion probably arises because beautiful and pretty are exact synonyms in some dialects of English, including my own.


I honestly don't know. The verb should stay the same regardless of number and "women" aren't scenery so 예쁘다 should be right, right?

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