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  5. "Are they also children?"

"Are they also children?"

Translation:Sind sie auch Kinder?

September 11, 2017



Why not "Sind sie Kinder auch"? Thanks.


    This is answered in the Tips & Notes for this lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Origin/tips-and-notes

    Where does auch go?

    Remember that German has a peculiar, consistent sentence structure:

    • The verb that changes with the person goes in position 2.
    • The rest of the verb goes to the end.
    • Everything else goes in between.

    Auch goes between the first and the second part of the verb:

    1 2 rest end
    Ich komme auch aus Japan.

    It can not go to the very end, because that would violate German sentence structure.


    Today I actually clicked on the Tips & Notes - an excellent resource!


    I would have done this correctly, however, I was trying to follow the rule that the adverb has to go directly after the verb. Does that rule not apply in questions?


    Intuitively i feel that the question form is somehow derived from the normal form: "Sie sind auch Kinder" with the verb coming first in the interogative .... "Sind sie auch Kinder".


    "sind sie auch Kindern?" there's a plural in the question and it's wrong


    Kind is singular, Kinder is plural. Kindern is not correct in this case.


    Would ' Ihr seid auch Kinder ' work?

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