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  5. "자동차가 돕니다."

"자동차가 돕니다."

Translation:The car turns.

September 11, 2017



I wonder if the Korean sentence really means The car turns around. I have never heard this word used in real Korean conversations. In addition to this I googled it and 50 words came up for turn and not a single one was tomnida. Sorry for those who don't know my school will not let me install Han ja on my computer. ^^(



돌다 - to turn oneself, in dictionary form

In Korean conjugation, the ㄹ is deleted from the verb stem when the next character is either ㅅ or ㅂ or ㄴ. This is sometimes called 'the ㄹ rule' or spmething like that and it is important to remember it.

Because the last character of the '돌' stem is ㄹ and the first character of the ~ㅂ니다 ending is ㅂ, the ㄹ rule is in effect. Stem 돌 transfroms into 도 and then ~ㅂ니다 is attached straight ito it. And we have ★★돕니다★★

Other examples of similar conjugation:

With ㅂ: 날다 -> 납니다. Ex: 새가 납니다 - the bird flies

With ㄴ: 달다 -> 단 (adjective form ~은/ㄴ. Like in 단 바나나 - sweet banana). 길다 -> 긴 (긴 뱀 - long snake)

With ㅅ: 놀다 -> 노세요 (제밌게 노세요 - 'have fun!', literally 'play interestingly'


Notice how ㄹ disappears in every example sentence


Then how would u say 'the car returns'?


돌다 = turn 돌아오다 = come back 돌리다 = spin 돌려주다 = give back


자동차가 돌아옵니다.


tips section says "돌다=to return", perhaps it's wrong? marked wrong for "return", after which i opened the dictionary and saw that in fact 돌다 only means turn


Does the word also mean turn around?


1st time: the car turns = wrong. Suggested: turn the car. 2nd time: turn the car = wrong. Suggested: the car turns. (Did report so hopefully gets fixed)


This is so ridiculous. I answer it "The car comes back" and got it wrong. But next, the question is "The car comes back"?!

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