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  5. "자동차가 돕니다."

"자동차가 돕니다."

Translation:The car turns.

September 11, 2017



I wonder if the Korean sentence really means The car turns around. I have never heard this word used in real Korean conversations. In addition to this I googled it and 50 words came up for turn and not a single one was tomnida. Sorry for those who don't know my school will not let me install Han ja on my computer. ^^(



돌다 - to turn oneself, in dictionary form

In Korean conjugation, the ㄹ is deleted from the verb stem when the next character is either ㅅ or ㅂ or ㄴ. This is sometimes called 'the ㄹ rule' or spmething like that and it is important to remember it.

Because the last character of the '돌' stem is ㄹ and the first character of the ~ㅂ니다 ending is ㅂ, the ㄹ rule is in effect. Stem 돌 transfroms into 도 and then ~ㅂ니다 is attached straight ito it. And we have ★★돕니다★★

Other examples of similar conjugation:

With ㅂ: 날다 -> 납니다. Ex: 새가 납니다 - the bird flies

With ㄴ: 달다 -> 단 (adjective form ~은/ㄴ. Like in 단 바나나 - sweet banana). 길다 -> 긴 (긴 뱀 - long snake)

With ㅅ: 놀다 -> 노세요 (제밌게 노세요 - 'have fun!', literally 'play interestingly'


Notice how ㄹ disappears in every example sentence


Then how would u say 'the car returns'?


돌다 = turn 돌아오다 = come back 돌리다 = spin 돌려주다 = give back

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자동차가 돌아옵니다.


On the "Tips and notes" for this lesson 돌다 = to return.


is that an accurate definition?


Don't know. Just stating what it says on the lesson notes. I'm here to learn, too :)


돌다 (돌아) means to turn / rotate, while 오다 (옵니다) means to come. So these two combine to make 돌아옵니다 to return (to here).

If using with 가다 to go instead, it would be 돌아갑니다 to return (to there).


Does the word also mean turn around?


1st time: the car turns = wrong. Suggested: turn the car. 2nd time: turn the car = wrong. Suggested: the car turns. (Did report so hopefully gets fixed)


Do you think "A car turns." only means "한 자동차가 돕니다."?

I don't think the distinction between 'a car' and 'the car ' can be judged by the given sentence. There are too many examples of this kind and it makes me frustrating. This should be improved in order to go beyond the beta course level.

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