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Duolingo Event in Paris on 21 September

Duolingo has launched the Duolingo Events: https://events.duolingo.com/

It will probably become a big thing. For instance, yesterday there was only one city in Turkey in the list, and today there are already three.

In France, only one event is scheduled so far: https://events.duolingo.com/events/details/duolingo-paris-english-presents-paris-english-cafe-rey-bastille#/

It is for people learning English from French, but perhaps people learning French from English and living in France would like to join, or create another event? Another event would probably be better, since the discussions are supposed to be in English in this one.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea. You can apply to become a host, if you want.

September 11, 2017



Good luck with the events! I love this idea! =D


Even if I could join, there isn't a single one in my state. :I


If you're over 18 (or 21 in America I think) you can apply to be a host, and then create one for your state?


I can't host for many, many reasons. But if I could, I would've already applied.


Love the idea! Thanks for the info!


great news! Yoopie!

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