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ARTIKEL before name

Sometimes people say "Der Müller" and Müller being a Name.

When you say "'mit" do you say "mit DER Müller" oder "mit DEM Müller".

I know it's Dativ usually after the word "mit" but I wanna know if it's special on this case..

September 11, 2017



Saying something like "der Müller" is normally very impolite. In certain professional environments, it may be used, but I would really advise against using it. To me, it sounds extremely condescending (toward "dem Müller").

Yes, you would say "mit dem Müller". If you use the article with the surname in this way, it has to be declined as if it was the article of a normal noun.


Thanks :D! I live in Bavaria and i hear it being used a lot. But ill make sure not to use it too often


Are you sure it's used with the surname? With the first name, this would be much more usual; more in the south of Germany, and less in the north of Germany.

For example: "Ich bin die Heike. Das ist die Susanne. Und das hier ist der Hans. Er arbeitet in derselben Firma wie ich."

But with the surname, it really requires a certain environment. Perhaps someone from southern Germany can give their opinion. I'm from the north, and I don't know much about the language usage in the south.


Hi Kavinda, Heike is absolutly right. You should be very careful with this. It can be just informal but is also can be very unpolite.

Sometimes at work, you can hear someones saying "Sag mal dem Müller Bescheid, die Lieferung ist da." But then this guys know each other for years and have a good work realationship or the tone is generally very informal. (for example on site ). You better don't copy that.

Male teenager are calling each other very often with their surnames (the hell knows why!?!) Very often because there is more then one Alex or Markus (for differentiation) or just for fun and no one knows why his surname became his nickname.

So please be careful with use or at least ask.

The grammar explained Heike :-)

regards Angel

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