"Mám svoje jméno."

Translation:I have my name.

September 11, 2017

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"I have a name." is more natural


That is "Mám jméno.".


Isn't "I have my own name" at least as good a translation, as this is what it really means anyway? In reality, no-one who speaks English as a first language would say "I have my name".


No, it is not. "I have my own name" = "Mám své vlastní jméno.".

The sentence may be a bit affected by the extreme lack of available vocabulary so early in the course but it just informs that you have your name. Maybe you received it in some kind of game?


Thanks for your prompt response. Re the substance of your reply, I can see that this is one of those fundamental language differences, so that in Czech there is in respect of personal pronouns an extra layer of nuance (such as that in English we have two present tenses, which don't exist in any other language I have yet encountered)

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