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  5. "닷새 동안 무엇을 해요?"

"닷새 동안 무엇을 해요?"

Translation:What do you do for five days?

September 11, 2017



Literally no one will ever say "닷새." 오일 would be correct.


What does we do? I know 'what DO we do' but never heard of that other version. I'm not a native English speaker but I doesn't sound right to me


Yeah LOL. That's not right. "What does we do." ...Yeah. We don't say that.


can we use 뭐 해요 here? I am a bit confused because i thought 무엇을 referred to some physical thing. What are the actual distinctions?

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뭐 is used more in spoken language and it is less formal than 무엇. 무엇 Is in the other hand more used in written language and it is more formal.


무엇 = 뭐, they mean the exact same thing. The short form just became common over time.


This particular section on time is tedious - it sometimes feels like harassment. On certain occasions they give a loose translation - ie: "what are you doing next year" - even though there was no progressive statement in the sentence; if you don't translate the sentence loosely, it is marked wrong. Yet, this sentence requires an accurate translation to be marked correct.


how would you say IN FIVE DAYS? Would it be the same? merci si vous répondez :)


닷새 만에 무엇을 해요? ~ Quoi faire en 5 jours?


I don't speak chinese

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