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  5. "You are small."

"You are small."

Translation:Vy jste malé.

September 11, 2017



Why is it wrong to say: jsi malé? To a child?


It's not wrong, it's just weird.

Although "(Ty) jsi malé" is grammatically correct when said to a child, it's much more natural to say "(Ty) jsi malý/malá" depending on whether you're talking to a boy or a girl.

However, if you add a noun, it becomes natural: "Jsi malé dítě." (You're a small child.) or "Jsi malé kotě." (You're a small kitten.)


Why was the it 'malé' in options instead of malá'


malé is feminine plural, malá is neuter plural

Both are completely correct.


why is it not maly?


That is also acceptable. The "VY" here can mean many things. You a male i am talking to, you a female, you an it (a child), VY a group of males or VY a group of females.

The one in the "main! translation is me addressing a group of females.

Vy jste malý = single male, formal addressing Vy jste malá = single female, formal Vy jste malé = single neutral formal or multiple female only group Vy jste malí = multiple male or mixed group


Why not also "Ty"? Is that informal?


Ty works fine - and yes that’s informal.


I said "Ti sy mali" and it worked, is that an informal way if saying it?


No, it is completely wrong. Correct singular: Ty jsi malý.

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