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In what order should we learn the grammar stuff when learning by ourselves?

German grammar is so intimidating... Can you help me create a list of grammar topics to learn in order? Your opinions would be much appreciated.

Even though I completed my tree long ago, I still didn't know the grammar rules, so I've been trying to really learn them on my own. The problem is knowing where to start and in which order to study the topics.

I've already "re-learned" the article declensions, the adjective declensions (bestimmt/unbestimmt + cases) and right now I'm working on the prepositions. After that I may learn those other tricky words and... or maybe not... I don't know...

I'm feeling a bit lost...

Is there a list somewhere of suggestions to learn specific grammar topics in a preferred order? You can also share your personal opinion. I'm so lost...

September 11, 2017



Maybe work with a textbook of German language? They tend to organize topics efficiently and provide detailed explanations as well. Something like Neue Horizonte or Treffpunkt Deutsch should be helpful. (If cost is a concern, get them from a library!)


Hi Lea,

Grammar is such a ugly thing. Dry and when you read the expanations you always think I never get it. I am a "❤❤❤❤❤ :-)" and I thank heaven I don't have to learn this language from the start. I would say go on with the cases. "Wer hat mit wem, warum, wann und wieso wen getroffen...." How? Hm, of course you can (and you should) read and study about it. But another good way is listening to the language. Go on "youtube" or what ever and listen. To listen is to learn - to learn is to understand. Look children TV for the beginning or daily soaps.

And if you don't need german at work (so you don't need to be exactly) don't to claw for the grammar. We appreciate your efforts learning our language. And practice makes perfect.

If you want to study here is a site you can use. It is in german but the examples are very good and in my opinion you don't need to understand the text to learn.

http://mein-deutschbuch.de/kasus-4-faelle.html This site has also many files with training examples so you can practice the grammar you read about.

best regards Angel

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