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  5. "How many women loved you?"

"How many women loved you?"

Translation:Kolik žen tě milovalo?

September 11, 2017



Why is it ¨milovalO¨ and not ¨milovalY¨ since it is more than one woman?


Mám stejnou otazku.


You use neuter with kolik. Kolik substitutes the subject in the sentence here. "žen" cannot be the subject of the sentence as it it in the genitive case.


OK, so I get that kolik becomes the subject, but why is it singular, since it would almost always be referring to multiple "doers". Why milovalo and not milovala?


I think i remember there being a sentence that also started with kolik and ended with the subject that was asked for. So i'm wondering: why can't i say "kolik tě milovalo žen?"?...... Or is the Problem the position of tě here and "kolik milovalo tě žen?" would work?

Thx in advance for your help!


No, your sentence is correct. The difference as usual lies in what is being emphasized: Kolik žen tě MILOVALO? vs Kolik tě milovalo ŽEN?

It has been missing, which is embarrassing. I've added it to the list of acceptable translations.


Kolik tě milovalo žen? is correct.

Kolik milovalo tě žen? is incorrect, tě must be second position.

We may have a problem in the accepted forms list.

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