"Tady mí chlapci nejsou."

Translation:My boys are not here.

September 11, 2017

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Why cant i say: Here are not my boys. It sounds a little poetic putting 'here' in 1st place but depending on the former frase I believe it is correct...it just emphazises 'here'

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Can I say "Moji chlapci nejsou tady"?


Ní as my? I thought ní was hers? Is there a list of these somewhere? I hate that the tips section that exists for studying other languages is absent in the czech lessons..


It is mí, not ní. The Tips section, as for most other languages, is available in any web browser.


Sorry.. I could have sworn it said ní When I was doing the lesson.. that's why I was so confused.. anyway.. is there a reason the tips are only available in browser and not on the app? Tips are available in the app for German and Spanish at least.. and it looks like stories are available in browser as well but not on the app for Czech? Just strange of they're available why they aren't also in the app


German and Spanish are a special case, they are "in-house" courses developed in a different way. Most courses are like Czech. You have to ask the developers for anything more.


My mistake.. no stories in browser.. it only looked that way for a minute


Moji chlapci tu nejsou. = Tady mi chlapci nejsou.???!

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