"Byt bez obýváku nechceme."

Translation:We do not want an apartment without a living room.

September 11, 2017

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"We do not want an apartment without living room." was not accepted! Pls correct! Thx


You're missing an article there.


it just does not make any sense to put so much emphasis on such minor "mistakes", especially in english. Please do not forget: we are learning czech here and not improving our english.


There are many native Czech speakers taking this course to work on their English, and many people who are not native English speakers who are taking it because their is no Czech course for their native language, For those and other reasons, answers that are clearly incorrect in either Czech or English are not accepted.


what's wrong with we don't want a flat without living room If it is wrong, then it's a mistake in the English. I thought this was about Czech


Yes, it is a mistake in English. The course does not, will not, and (IMO) should not accept English translations that are incorrect.


Perhaps not perfectly elegant but not "a mistake"


We struggle with the overwhelming difficulties of Czech grammar and are then marked wrong for minor errors in the English

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